Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

CKC blog Jan 2019 LIRNH kit layout six featuring anniv date five

How our love is reaching new heights...hubs surprises me with a favorite candy treat of mine at the end of our supper date!

Above: close-up for the top left section (stenciling and stickers)
Below: the full mixed format pocket page for anniversary date #5 from January 6, 2019

Below: close-up for the bottom left section (layering; repetition of colors; angled cut to reflect arrows and tails in other pockets)

Below: close-up of the bottom right section (more repeated colors and patterns/papers from previous album pages plus more layering)

Below: close-up of the top right section (cloud paper has been used in previous album pages plus use of hearts; 2 hearts stickers are placed on diagonal to mimic traditional icon of Valentine's cupid arrow piercing the heart; lots of curves and angles; repeating colors and floral washi tape)

besides the personal challenge to try to have 23 dates within a 23+/- mile radius of our home before 23rd anniversary on January 27th, the January 2019 challenges at CKC blog have helped document our dates:

This is the inspiration prompt for January 2019 CKC blog picked by Master Forger Susan. In this particular pocket page, the elements that reflect the kit are: floral tape, browns/black/blues/pinks tones, diagonal lines, hot air balloon motif instead of bicycles that I subbed out for my kit, and the hearts.

I'm having a great time this month with "dating", documenting, and 'destroying' my Love Is Reaching New Heights kit for jan 2019 CKC blog challenges!!!! Oh, my sweet love!!!

Becca S and shout-out to 100 Pattern Papers Challenge that pushes me to use old papers like the cloud paper that I've had for 8-10 years!

CKC blog LIRNH kit LO five with forgery 2 and CKC mood board combined

Layout #5 for 4th anniversary date combines forgery 2 and mood board elements

Personal challenge from late December 2018 up to our 23rd anniversary on January 27, 2019 is to have 23 dates within a 23-mile radius of our home...well, almost 23 give or take 10-15 miles extra!! Challenges within the challenge have been weather and husband's health needs, so as I type this blog we've managed to get 13 dates completed up to yesterday, January 18th. We are going to have to have more 'dates' each day if we are going to get this done in 8 days!

Documenting this journey, today's blog post is the 4th date from January 5th:

Part of the Counterfeit challenges is to create forgeries (Forgeries on the Fourth). My second forgery for this month and my LIRNH kit is to make woodgrain paper using decorative tape and then it was cut into a heart shape which is a repeating element for our anniversary date documented album.

Another part of the Counterfeit challenge each month are "challenges 1 and 2" which change each and every time based on what the Master Forger assigned to each month has planned. Challenge 1 is about ringing in the new year--to do something new. I do have a new sticker in the bottom left section that I applied over a pink foam heart sticker. However I want to focus on 2 aspects of Challenge 2 from the mood board: the collage of book pages that has yellow, ivory, and brown tones and the stack of books image. Every section has stacking and/or layering with some staggered and some that are visual, like the cardstock border strips from 3 My Mind's Eye papers used for the "Date 4".

Above: the bottom left section's colors, layering, and placement turned out very nice for this pocket's layout design!!!

Above: bottom right section close-up (this isn't my favorite section but I'd been wanted to include a chipboard balloon since I've been using some hot air print balloon paper as a design element instead of the bicycles that are seen in the "Hannah" kit.) I like the repeating colors and papers but not how I placed the pieces...something's just off...but I really love the other sections

Below: like the "Date 4" section with its "stacked book" kind of look from the mood board using more patterned papers from the border edges of 3 double-sided My Mind's Eye papers put in my January LIRNH kit!!! Too cute!!!

Above: the Felicity Jane's "Hannah" kit revealed in October 2018 that is the inspiration for making copy-cat versions out of our own craft supplies "stockpiles". In this layout, the prominent elements that show up from "Hannah" are the woodgrain, scallop/fish scale, and hearts.

Below: the CKC blog ID badge that appears on each blog post. The link for the current post about the mood board challenge can be found here:

Go back to the January 4th post to find out about "Forgeries on the Fourth". Each month a few of the Master Forgers lead the way on re-creating something from the inspiration kit that they don't have in their supplies or what was pulled for their copy-cat kit. I didn't have a color spot paper pulled for my LIRNH kit so that was my forgery #1 featured in a previous blog post. Today's feature is forgery #2 the woodgrain heart shown below in the making:

The CKC mood board for this month's 2nd challenge:

love the overall look of this mixed format pocket page and the layouts with the layout of the page!!!

Keep checking back for more time together chronicled using the Love Is Reaching New Heights (LIRNH) kits that I put together from my craft supplies for January 2019 with motivation from the CKC blog and Facebook community group!--Becca S

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

CKC blog LIRNH kit layouts three side A and four side B for anniv date three

Tied together...for almost 23 years... in 12 more 10 today but this is about date #3

Above: pics for the first half of date #3 on January 3, 2019 using LIRNH kit made for the CKC blog January 2019 copy-cats

Below: photo shows the progress in making 2 forgeries for this month= (left) color spot paper using a stencil to get different sizes of circles with crayons to add the color; 2 circles that I had used pale pink on were washed-out in the photo so before I used it in the pocket page, I added red-orange over the top of the pale pink; journaling notes were added around most of the circles later on as I worked on side 2. (right) a woodgrain heart will emerge and will be used for layout five documenting date #4 that I'm still working on.

Below: the CKC image prompts from FJ's "Hannah" kit had large script cards/papers plus had separate paper with large dots/spots, so I decided to combine them to finish my first forgery add-in for my LIRNH kit! I loved how it turned out and how the other sections help support the colors of the forgery paper-turned-journaling card!!!

Below: 2 close-up pics to show the journaling notes

Note: those that have followed my posts this month should notice that the scrapbook stickers were added-in for this kit. I didn't pull hardly any embellishments when I did the papers. A few decorative tapes, enamel dots, a few bits and pieces plus some cording, so I was needing variety and something different to add some pizzazz to these pockets without wiping out the photos.

Above: this is the ID badge for CKC and a link for newest post:

Below: is one of the images shared on the CKC blog post at the start of January for it's motivational prompt in what we copy-cat through our stockpiles and created forgeries= Felicity Jane's "Hannah"

Below: this photo was 1 of my kit photos and shows the black lettering stick-ons by Heidi Swapp that I used for the largest section of side A/one shown earlier in this post

Some design notes from Date #3 sides A and B:
a. techniques included but not limited to: matting for photos; layering; hand-written journaling/captions; stickers; fake stitched lines around the foam heart; hole-punching to add cording to get 'tied together';...
b. decorative tape borders for 1 section of side A
c. kit forgery item= color spot card/on white CS
d. motivational kit elements copy-catted: large circles, use of black, brown, and white, script, scallop/fish scale patterning, ….

I absolutely LOVE how both sides/layouts for this mixed formatted pocket page turned out!!! And I LOVE how easily the double-sided CS from My Mind's Eye that made up the bulk of my LIRNH kit had come together...sort of like when I met my hubs and married him 7 months and 1 week later!!!!

Becca S

Sunday, January 13, 2019

CKC blog LIRNH kit cover page using TSR Stash Challenge to create

New Year craft stash motivation to create cover page

Above: the very eclectic blend of LIRNH kit elements with a few add-ins from my inventory will be the cover page for the album/notebook that chronicles our personal couple's challenge to try to get 23 dates completed within a 23-mile radius of our home by our 23rd wedding anniversary. We started December 30, 2018 and we have until January 27, 2019. As I'm typing this blog post, we've had 8 dates and I've scrapped 2 1/2!!!!!

Below: saw a online crafting friend's blog post using this prompt and decided to try it myself!

Note: If and when I can find out where this is generated from, I will edit in the link and credit....
Mystery solved/edit:
The Scrap Room's Subscribers and Fans Facebook group is a 'closed' group. Once I was approved, I found the TSR Stash Challenge; beforehand I only had limited access. Link to their FB page:

Below: the ID badge for CKC blog, the motivational force behind the kit of papers and embellishments I put together last week that I titled "Love Is Reaching New Heights" (LIRNH)

Design Notes for the January 2019 Stash Challenge to select items from craft inventory for each letter making the words "New Year"=
1. N = noted journaling card and piece of note pad lined paper
2. E = enamel dots (used at top of each hot air balloon)
3. W = wood veneer die-cut numbers and wood grain print decorative tape
4. Y = yellow print paper (add-in; had pulled it to use during Christmas holiday week but didn't then) and other yellow tones in several cardstocks by My Mind's Eye that were in my LIRNH kit
5. E = elliptical shaped sticky pad speech bubble-kind of journaling spot
6. A = arrows (stencil arrow that I drew on the "noted" journaling card and the arrow 'dingbat' sticker at the top of the layout)
7. R = ribbon; creamy sheer tied bow on the bottom right corner of #2

I love how this cover page layout turned out! It is so quirky, colorful, pattern-ful, resourceful, and creative!!!

*please note: one of the whole page photos is with the LO inserted into a plastic sheet protector; and it shows in the close-up photos, too

Loving the versatility of the LIRNH kit and how it has made documenting our anniversary dating challenges so very easy!!!

Becca S

Saturday, January 12, 2019

CKC blog LIRNH kit Card 2 uses sketch from CCMWF group

Card 2 will be niece's 3rd anniversary card!

Sketch (shown at end of this post and in the previous post) was reversed 180 degrees:

Papers are old inventory that I've included in this month's January kit for CKC that I've titled "Love Is Reaching New Heights". These 2 specific papers are part of my 2019 stack of 100 papers for the Facebook group "100 Pattern Papers Challenge".

The gray areas make about a 4.25" square. I will probably personalize this for my niece and her husband before I mail this with either their initials or adding a #3. She's my god-daughter so I don't want to forget to recognize a milestone for her!

Below: ID badge for CKC=

Link to CKC's most recent post:

Above: the motivational prompt kit from FJ/Felicity Jane (Hannah) revealed October 2018 that was selected by CKC blog Master Forger Susan to be what we try to counterfeit/forge/copy-cat from items in our stockpiles (or at least a massive stash!)

Below: one of the photos for my LIRNH kit that I blogged about last weekend; note gray and white floral and gray tonal damask are in the top row.

Below: this image is the sketch prompt for CCMWF's challenge (find them on Facebook) this week:

Continue to check periodically to see how I keep using the kit. Teaser: I have half of a pocket page layout for Date #3 for our 23rd anniversary challenge completed!!!

From the very snowy USA heartland, Becca S

CKC blog LIRNH kit card 1 using CCMWF sketch

Our #23 anniversary card for my husband

Our love is reaching new heights! The hot air balloon cardstock was used in layout #1 and now for card #1 using the LIRNH kit for January's challenge for CKC blog.

50% of the card comes from the kit and the other half are add-ins. Kit included the hot air balloon CS, chevron newsprint papers, enamel dots, teal glittered numbers, the 'together' label, and white CS.

Below: CKC blog ID badge=
link for the most recent monthly post=

January's CKC blog inspirational kit from Felicity Jane for us to try to copy-cat=

One of my LIRNH kit photos from an earlier photo=

Sketch for card focal was based on this FB group's challenge this week (CCMWF)=

Shout-out to the FB group, 100 Pattern Papers Challenge, too because the chevron print paper is over 1 year old owned, cloud paper is 8-10 years old and the decorative tape is about 5 years old. Past time to get used, don't you think?!?!!! Glad for these groups to get me motivated to look at my old inventory each month in new ways to start using these products!!!

CKC=Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog and FB community
CCMWF= Christian Card-Makers ~ Women's Fellowship, FB group
100 PPC= 100 Pattern Papers Challenge, FB group

Stay tuned for Card #2 using the same kit and sketch!
Becca S

Monday, January 7, 2019

CKC blog Jan 2019 kit Love Is Reaching New Heights Layout 2

Scrapbook layout #2 using Love Is Reaching New Heights kit made from my inventory

Close-up of the largest section on this mixed format pocket page is shown below. I love the mix of colors and design prints! Delicate yet a flair of whimsy:

Close-up of the bottom right corner is shown next. A rainy New Year's Eve yet that didn't stop us for having our 2nd anniversary date of 23 that we want to have within 23 miles of our home before our 23rd anniversary on 1.27.19 (IL River bridge on Route 17 is pictured plus a local diner visit for an early supper)

Close-up of the bottom left corner. I wrote "Leaving" on the driveway photo next to the planner sticker that says "our home"! I thought that was a clever way to caption this pic. The marina parking lot has a sign designating that area as "Jerry Strong's Landing":

Design notes and also a 2nd challenge reference is to the FB group "100 Pattern Papers Challenge":
a. something old= the thin gray with white micro dots paper scrap in the largest section is old paper plus the light gray paper that the 2 photos are mounted on in the bottom left corner is old paper plus the newsprint teal green chevron paper triangle in the top section is old.
b. something new= all the other patterned papers are new; decorative tapes are new; planner stickers
c. something blue= one of the coffee cup stickers is blue; and the floral decorative tape has teeny tiny dots of blue
d. something else= yellow copy paper was used to add very thin margins around the 2 photos in the bottom right section which helped to unify to the yellows in the other patterned papers

Above: CKC's ID badge
Below: CKC's selected kit to be counterfeited in January (Felicity Jane's "Hannah" that was revealed in October 2018)

Below: one photo of the papers I gathered together for my copy-cat kit titled "Love Is Reaching New Heights"

I am loving how I've been able to mix and match these papers. It helps that 7 papers are 2-sided which ups the numbers of prints plus the possible combinations!!! My older papers seen in the top row of the above photo are also coming in handy so far for the first two layouts (and dates) using this kit dubbed "Love Is Reaching New Heights". Keep on checking back to follow where we go and what we do!--Becca S [take a look at the 3 journaling sections for the bottom pockets: that is just 1 sticky note cut into 3 different size pieces and it looks like old ledger paper from 1940!!!]