Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PPCCB 372 using Bugaboo beautiful blocks thank you image

Thank you...We've been blessed

Recently my husband and I were gifted with an oval wooden kitchen dining table and 3 chairs with an additional drop leaf table from a buddy's father-in-law's property. The f-I-l passed about 3-4 weeks ago and we've just been back in our repaired home about 6-7 weeks now. Last August we had a house fire that destroyed about 40-43% of our structure and wiped out about $19-20K in personal property. Even with homeowner's insurance, it's been a struggle juggling everything financially because we've also been battling health trauma and drama that's taking its own toll upon finances, time, and energy. We've truly been blessed with receiving these furniture items! Out of another's sorrow, we were gifted immensely! The least we can do is give them a nice hand-made card: look here to get all the details that started today 3/21/2018

Half of the design team picked from a selection of Bugaboo digital images to make inspirations for blog readers and my design team card image is from Bugaboo. The other half of DT is working with the other prize sponsor, Digi Stamps 4 Joy. Use the PPCC blog post link above to see what the crew has made.

getting started--I've selected most of my key papers I want to use, my hand-drawn sketch of the layout to follow, tracing stencils, etc.

The digital image has been colored and is waiting to be cut and then mounted on peach stripe designer paper that will be stacked onto a bright yellow print paper.

This odd shape is a stencil from Folk Art Decorative Icons stencil set from Plaid. I've used this oddity often in the past 2-3 months. "Blessed" is part of a stencil page from a Bible Journaling set from American Crafts.

my inspiration for the card layout is this sketch suggestion from page maps; it was shared with the Facebook group 100 Pattern Papers this week and I wanted to modify it for this long vertical digital image

a. colors were deep teal or pine green, teal green, red, red-orange, peach, yellow
b. the sketch suggestion showed several stacked circles behind the fruit elements so I've got a partial flower petal moved to the right side and partial butterflies side by side for the far right "scallops"
c. The base card is made from Watercolor Rainbow Cardstock from Colorbok
d. 4 of the designer patterned papers are from Colorbok
e. the peach stripe designer patterned paper used on the front behind the digital image and also used on the inside panel behind the stenciled sentiment is from The Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby)
f. the digital image was colored with a combination of markers and colored pencils 
g. the digital image was colored with a mix of hues for both flowers, blossoms (orange, red, red-orange, and pink), and stems (olive green, pine green, and teal green) with a blue colored pencil lightly shading the sky area and also surrounding "Blessed" for the inside sentiment
h. Love the results and hope our neighbor friends from 3 blocks over like it, too!

Crafting in the twisted weather and seasons of the Midwest, Becca

Saturday, March 17, 2018

HIMCR 344 tic tac toe challenge and PCC blog card sketch 284

Hoppy Easter

technically version 2 for the HIMCR challenge 344 using animals, flowers, glitter, and stripes (used a postage stamp corner like for bingo and the glitter is not only in the flower stick-ons but also used as glitter crayons for the 2 digital images from The Cutting Café, sponsor at HIMCR)

getting started, but by the time I finished I didn't use the mesh-style gems or the purple flower center...editing works most of the time!

another case of editing/moving things around; from when I photographed this and as I decided how to use the images, I needed to move the flower stack to the other side of the card

 HIMCR's badge and link for post:

HIMCR's sponsor for #344 challenge is The Cutting Café, I've used the egg and bunny pair with the Easter Wishes sentiment for the front panel and I will use the stacked "Hoppy Easter" for the inside.

I was also inspired for this spring and Easter 2018 card creation with using Paper Craft Crew's 284 card sketch:
(link for their post: )

I've reversed placement for the flowers and the tag/bookmarks and changed the ratios for the background papers. I also used cording instead of leafy branches for this card version.

And if you have been reading the fine print, the card shown at the top of the post was the 2nd one made for the HIMCR #344 challenge. For the first one, I needed to edit a lot, I think, after I made it. It has a lot going on. I tried to use the above sketch and combine it with another one that was posted this week for a Facebook group called 100 Pattern Papers (shown below). And I also was using the color palette from CTD #484 (Color Throw Down) of green, violet, and white:

In version 1 from the HIMCR tic-tac-toe challenge (use the link to see the grid choices and get more details and rules for participating), I used ribbon, glitter, and blending (washable markers used on edge of butterflies). In my mind's eye, the card is okay, it's just very busy with proportions being off and too many elements.

When I snapped the photo of the base and backgrounds for the version 1, I was so excited about the potential:

(link for CTD 484: )

Note on technique: I cut a slit in the fold about midway on the left fold to hold the ribbons.

Maybe between today/Saturday and Monday I will try again with this color combo and one of the sketches. I still have some butterfly designer paper left (The Paper Studio by Hobby Lobby).

I've got more photos that I've sent from my cell phone but having a data usage problem I think since it is a cheap pay-as-you-go type and only had 3 pics come through and others waiting in queue...ugh. So I will either add those in a day or two or create a 2nd/part two post on a future day. Until then, Becca

Thursday, March 15, 2018

PPCCB 371 anything goes theme for March 14

Happy Easter...for my mom

My mom loves the color blue, so I wanted to make sure there were plenty of blues with accents of pinks, oranges, greens, and browns that are repeated in the image and the stick-ons. I LOVE how this card turned out!

Freda's Flower Basket is the image from Imagine That (prize sponsor for challenge that I'm highlighting for the design team). There are an additional 4 images from this company used by 'my' half of the team, so make sure to visit the blog post to be razzled and dazzled!

The other prize sponsor is Cute As a Button. Half of the team will have images to use for their inspiration creations.

The links for the sponsors, prize details and how to participate, and other important info can be found at Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenges blog (PPCC or PPCCB):

Besides the Freda's Flower Basket image to inspire me in making this Easter card, I had a sketch layout from Elle's Studio featured in January 2018 that I modified and rotated around:

Compare sketch to how I altered it for a 5.5" x 8.5" vertical card with an Easter theme:

So instead of 3 large rings I've used a flower stencil and then bordered it on one side with dots and the other side with dashes or stitch lines. That was repeated in 2 other partial sections to help fill the layout in a playful way.

The blue on blue check cardstock and egg tag are RECYCLED packaging!

I chose to repeat the butterflies to the inside because they symbolize the resurrection as renewed life or new creation due to their transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

And this next photo shows how this card began (or its caterpillar phase):

 "Let not your hearts be troubled...." is how John chapter 14 begins. The passage of verses 1-6 is my favorite and I just love using verse 6 for Easter cards.

My prayer is that in order for your soul (spirit's heart) to not be distressed, you must believe in the gift of God's Son and the sacrifice He made on the cross for your sins. After confessing your sins, the Holy Spirit will offer peace and the Easter resurrection of Jesus gives future hope of eternal life.

Crafting in the U.S.A Midwest, Becca

Saturday, March 10, 2018

HIMCR 343 super scraps theme

Farmer's market kind of rustic look for this sympathy comfort card:

The apple, blossoms branch, and Ecclesiastes quote sentiment are from the prize sponsor this week, Gracielli Designs:

And the blog that this comfort card was made to be part of the design team inspiration is Hiding In My Craft Room:

And the link for this new challenge week blog post so you can read all the guidelines for participating and also see what the other design team members prepared:

Besides the image and wanting to create a card for my grieving aunt, my crafting motivation was sparked by this sketch layout suggestion:

I moved some of the parts around but I still think you can see some similarities. And this was a great sketch for a scraps challenge that we have each month at HIMCR. The pattern cardstock for the banner is from a leftover section of a 6"x6" that I started and used another portion for an anniversary card last month. Even the background barn wood designer paper is part of a sheet that I had already used a small amount from previously (The Paper Studio by Hobby Lobby). 

The dimensions were 5" deep and 8" wide. The inside panel was kept very simple with a stamping of hugs and kisses xoxo onto paper cut with the same stencil as papers on the front (Folk Art Decorative Icons stencil set from Plaid). The apple was colored with colored pencils. I put some white on the light highlight spot and used pink, red, and red-orange to get the realistic look on that brilliant image and the leaves likewise have 3 variation of green tones to give visual depth. Some of the papers were inked to help give that weathered distress look. For me it just looks like a display area from a rural farmer's market stand.

Thanks Gracielli Designs for letting the design team select their own products to highlight for this week's challenge!

Crafting in the USA Midwest, Becca

Quick make masculine appreciation card

My husband requested a small thank you card to accompany a gift card for one of his buddies who has helped us immensely over the past 7 months.

We've had trauma and drama that would have most people crying in despair. Without any extra details this is the timeline: August 6-14, 2017 I was hospitalized with saddle pulmonary embolism with right-side heart failure and a heart attack; August 13, 2017 house fire that destroyed 40-43% of the structure and $19-20K of personal property; October 27-28, 2017 husband hospitalized with mild heart attack; January 6-8, 2018 husband hospitalized for another mild heart attack; and January 17-18, 2018 husband in hospital for another mild heart episode. UGH!!

Great news we are focusing on thanking the good Lord for sparing us so many times, appreciating the small and large blessings via friends, family, and strangers, and regaining our health and home! 

Crafting has been part of my therapy. My husband thrives on helping his buds. He loved being Mr. Fix It but now has to limit his time amounts and lifting or else pay the cost of chest pain. This winter we've been going together to the closest hospital 25 minutes away for 3 mornings per week to use its Life Fit wellness/exercise phase 3 cardiac rehab center. Conditioning our bodies gradually has helped us each to gain back stamina. We still have improving but we've come from death's door to now leading semi-active lifestyles!

The appreciation card was easy to make with 2 different colors of cardstock in different sizes, decorative tape, 3 colors of cording, stencil lettering, stamper, pencil, ruler, and dark blue marker and colored pencil for a 2-tone effect for "Blessed".

The colors are a dark blue-gray, light gray, and red. The light gray cardstock triangles are the same size and placement was just rotated from the front to the inside and position was slid down when you compare front to inside. The striped tape was placed on an angle to give it an unexpected twist and not be so predictable on placement.

Thanks, buddy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

PPCCB 370 using Star Stampz Seedling image

Seedling...sprout...nurtured little one

makes me think of my mother

She's amazing. Still mothering her 3 "young" chicks who are all in their 50s, too! Aren't we blessed!

Happy Mother's Day 2018

PPCC blog badge and link:

Star Stampz sponsor badge; this is the sponsor who provided the Seedling image for me to use.
Half of the design team has images from this company to use for their inspiration creations this week. 

Besides using the image for my making motivation, I'm also modifying a sketch layout design from Mojo Monday #459 for this card:

And I've been motivated to do another mixed media approach with the base card by painting (applying paints of red, blue, and green) with a tissue:

My mom's favorite color is blue and mine is purple so there will be some small uses of lavender mixed with the blues, greens, and some blue-gray hues.

And here are some more views of cover and inside panel:

The image was colored with colored pencils for a softer look and in person is so very sweet looking!

This is a close-up view of the featured image "Seedling".

This side view helps show the multiple layers for the focal image, the cording, and the gorgeous double butterfly stick-on!

The inside panel was kept very simple with mini zig-zag decorative scissors edging the papers and embellished with a stick-on from the same set as the ones used on the front.

Use the Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenges Blog link up above to read for the participating guidelines, see what the other design team members have made for inspiration, find links to the prize sponsors, and more.

I'm glad I took this week's image to prepare my Mother's Day tribute about 2 months in advance. Frankly, most of the time I'm last minute with the best of intentions. :)

Still crafting away in the mixed up weather conditions of north central Illinois!, Becca (We had the weirdest snow showers yesterday and it happened to be a day that I needed to be out on the road at 2 different times of the day in the midst of all that weather wackiness!)