Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

10 November 2018 rainbow thank you banner tags copy catted into card project

11102018 Rainbow forgery tags used for thank you cards

Seasonal Nature Traveling Sojourn Kit for CKCB November challenge:

Reveal photo showcasing all 3 modern cards=

Card #1 using the zig-zag background paper=

Card #2 using the vibrant floral for the background=

Card #3 using the vibrant tone on tone dot print paper for the background=

Design notes:
a. all three use the same mauve pink square-shaped base
b. all three use the same bold blue cardstock for tag base
c. all three use a rainbow forgery thank you banner image (it's like an optical illusion with the paper design and the stamp design!)
d. all three use a strip of the rainbow forgery Ikat print paper
e. all three use a strip of bright bubble gum pink cardstock
f. all three use star graphic designer border tape (used for newspapers and newsletters before digital technology)
g. all three have star stickers, just in differing amounts, colors, and/or type

Before pics-- 2 of 4 forgeries made a few days ago for this November kit in order to copy cat rainbow embellishments from the Citrus Twist curate kit that is our CKC prompt for the month

From the stamped thank you banner images seen above, 3 were used for this blog posted project.

From the Ikat patterned paper that I added rainbow spectrum to I only cut a 1/2" strip off the long left side and then divided it into 3 different lengths to use for the tags/cards.


Background papers for the cards--I used one section of the zig-zag patterned paper, one of the vibrant floral seen in the bottom right corner in this next pic, and the third card has one section from the tonal red with pink small dot print paper seen under the gold foil on the left pile.


The driving force behind the rainbow embellishments came from the chosen inspirational kit from Citrus Twist called "Little Things" released October 2018 and picked by Master Forger Lisa for CKC blog's November kit to counterfeit:

Is this starting to make sense? In the above photo which is a combination of the papers and embellishments you can see a pastel hued rainbow acrylic embellishment, puffy hearts in a rainbow assortment of hues, tasseled type bows in 4 hues, and tiny puffy style stickers in a variety of colors as well as a star-studded patterned paper in the upper right corner. 

The cards featured in this post have only a token nod to nature with the stars and rainbow coloring and one background floral. I've styled them very modern which seems to clash when you see the some of the other photos. I think the problem is that I should have done more pre-planning of projects before pulling papers from inventory. I've pulled items three different times this week and each time the focus has either been for rainbow, hearts and stars, or for weather/travel (which hasn't been shown yet). At this point I'm not sure if I will take time to edit. I think I'm going to concentrate on getting lots of scrapbook layouts made as well as thank you's and Thanksgiving/harvest season cards made and mailed. Let's keep this creative mojo going!

Becca S

Friday, November 9, 2018

November 2018 kit first half for CKC blog

Seasonal Nature Traveling Sojourn kit

pic one for first half of kit:

Are you ready for more non-traditional colors and patterns for November? There are no turkeys or feathers to be found in this kit (unless you want them). There are also no Pilgrim hats. No corn on the cob. No Mayflower ship. So what's in the inspiration based kit by Citrus Twist from October 2018 that is being used by the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog?

Good question! Imagine stars, hearts, rainbows, clouds, butterflies, leafy branches, flowers, and a few cameras, pandas, foxes, and rabbits for the design motifs!!! YES!!! Add in periwinkle blue, blueberry, inky indigos, thistle, lavender, lemon, peach, coral, pink, and turquoise for most of the color palette!!! EXCITING!! SHOCKING!!!

Pattern Paper
  • Indigo Hills v2 “Ridge” (Pinkfresh)
  • Amy Tangerine Shine On “Uplift” (American Crafts)
  • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane “Darling” (Crate Paper)
  • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane “Spread Love” (Crate Paper)
  • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane “Blossom” (Crate Paper)
  • Vicki Boutin Field Notes “Daydreamer” (American Crafts)
  • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane “Periwinkle” (Crate Paper)
  • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane “Violet” (Crate Paper)
Solid Paper
  • Two 12" x 12" sheets of White textured cardstock (American Crafts)
      • Indigo Hills Paper Die-Cuts (Pinkfresh)
      • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane Puffy Stickers (Crate Paper)
      • Mint Puffy Alphabet Stickers (Pinkfresh)
      • Amy Tangerine Shine On Mini Inflatable Heart Ephemera (American Crafts)
      • Maggie Holmes Willow Lane Adhesive Thread bows, one half split pack (Crate Paper)
      • Exclusive Wood Veneer Cuts (Citrus Twist)
      • 2" x 3" High-Quality polymer stamp set (Citrus Twist)
      • Vintage Fiction Book Page (a flea market find)
      • Cutapart Labels (Citrus Twist); Sketch Sheet (Citrus Twist)
      • Digital Printable Cutapart Sheet - downloadable from the Shop digital section of our website (Citrus Twist)
        **ignore these links that got copied with the content list**=

      More parts of my Seasonal Nature Traveling Sojourn kit for November:

      This photo has papers left from my October kit that are now being rolled over to November. I want to get items made with old inventory, so that I can have extreme limited money spent each month or two just for adhesives and/or seasonal embellishments. Three papers on the left side of the above photo were used this afternoon to make a birthday card for a great niece. Her card post was already published. And 3 papers from the right side of the above photo were used this afternoon to make a birthday card for my best friend's son. His card post was also already published.

      mostly solid color partial sheets or scraps

      another butterfly print paper and 2 prints that coordinate to each other that has the purples, pinks, greens, and blues found in the inspirational kit; the papers in the below photo are a color-departure from those already shown but because there is this large butterfly print with 3 coordinates I decided to include

      There are 3 parts for this first half of the kit reveal: butterflies with coordinating papers, plain cardstocks or papers (primarily solid colors), and leftovers from October's All About Autumn kit. Most of the solid color papers are scraps or partial sheets.  There's a partial sheet of a text print paper including with those solid colors.

      I'll be adding more text designer sheets in 2nd half kit reveal tomorrow. That half will have stars, hearts, and travel theme papers and embellishments.  And rainbows!!! [I've got way too much old inventory that luckily survived storage for previous 2+ years and that's long overdue to be used since they are 5-10 years old!!!]

      Reminder photos of the rainbow spectrum forgeries I made 2-3 days ago. The base papers used for these counterfeits are not quite 1 year old but as we scrappers and paper-crafters know all too well, better get something used when you think about it:

      A couple of hours ago I took 3 of the thank you banner images (from the photo just above) to make into focal tags of 3 mauve pink square based cards. Those will be featured on my next post, so stay tuned.

      Becca S

      9 November 2018 birthday card for young man using Sketchy Sat and CKC and HIMCR challenges

      Happy Birthday to my best friend's son's #23

      #1: CKC blog (Counterfeit Kit Challenges)
      a. cardstock and papers shown are leftovers from my October kit that I'm rolling over into my November kit in order to get them used.
      b. link=

      #2: HIMCR blog (Hiding In My Craft Room)
      a. this week's theme is fall colors= I've got different shades of browns (including that maple leaf ribbon), russets, and yellows to give this card a crisp bold autumn look
      b. link=

      #3: Sketchy Saturday from Laurel Seabrook Designs
      a. this week's prompt will be shown below; since I chose to use the leaf shaped ribbon to separate each diagonal band, I didn't use an accent shape as a focal.
      b. link=

      More to come either later tonight or tomorrow as I finally reveal my November kit (kits within kit)! :)

      Becca S

      9 Nov 2018 great niece bday card using SS by LSD and HIMCR and CKC!...can you remember those years or should I say quarters and halves of years to being thought of as older?

      I'm using that type of pent-up joy to create a birthday card for one of our youngest great nieces.

      Here are my challenges and criteria to meet:
      a. Sketchy Saturday by Laurel Seabrook Designs current sketch challenge design
      b. HIMCR for its current challenge with fall colors
      c. CKC for its current copy cat kit challenge using Citrus Twist's curated kit "Little Things" to inspire our November kits for layouts and other paper-crafting

      HB, Graci!!!!

      I reversed the paper sections for this birthday card and used leaves instead of a star. Link for Sketchy Saturday challenge:

      Colors of mauve pinks, soft baby pinks, yellows, and sage greens are part of the color palette used in the inspirational kit from Citrus Twist that is showcased for November 2018 at CKC blog. 
      Link for the color palette reveal photo for the CKC blog can be found here:

      The browns, greens, and yellows along with the burlap texture leaf and the cardstock patterned leaf shape reinforce the fall colors theme for this week at HIMCR blog. Link for the current HIMCR challenge week post is here:

      More color craziness to come from my part of the USA heartland, Becca S

      Wednesday, November 7, 2018

      7 Nov 2018 masculine bday card for CCMWF and CKC and PI and LRW and PPCC

      Georgia Boy meets Illinois girl in Texas many years ago...

      and that's how the story started for my sister and her husband who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and with a party on Saturday! So I've got to get this mailed a.s.a.p.!

      Travel theme was a good prompt and thanks to Paper Issues having a travel/globe/As the World Turns challenge this was a convenient for me to do for my b-in-l.

      You can find the prompt on both the blog site and the Facebook community. The link for the site can be found here for Paper Issues:

      Another challenge to link to is Little Red Wagon's new prompt that started today about sentiments. Imke wants everyone to have the card focus be on the message/text, so that's why I stamped and stenciled in the center of the banner section on my card front. The link for this site can be found here:

      CKC blog has a delightful inspirational curated kit from Citrus Twist called Little Things for its November counterfeiting challenge. This card has darker tones of the blues and creams found in the kit and with the PI travel theme I'm thinking about having a broad travel theme for my copy cat kit that I'm still shopping through my stuff for. [think weather shapes like clouds, stars, and rainbows along with travel shapes like circles/spheres/globes, cameras, maps, trains, and more] I had set aside these papers last night but not necessarily for my b-in-l. But with PI's Nov 5 announced As The World Turns and the CCMWF sketch plus the LRW focus on sentiments, the puzzle/card pieces just seem to fall into place for a masculine birthday card. CKC has had several posts already this month, so I'll use the 2nd one for November titled "Just the Gist" for the link:

      And the inside panel was kept simple using more of the globe patterned CS:

      This sketch is from CCMWF (Christian Card-Makers~ Women's Fellowship) a secret group through Facebook. Instead of stars I used buttons. Banner placement went up to the top edge due to using a A2 size card; this also affected the gray portion seen in my card as a map/atlas print. Otherwise I'm pretty accurate to the sketch for my interpretation:
      Another view of the front panel and link to another challenge that is open to paper-crafted creations (Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenges):

      Isn't it great when a plan comes together that you didn't even plan!?!!! Must be a God thing!!!

      Becca S

      Tuesday, November 6, 2018

      November 2018 forgeries set A for CKC blog

      Guess what? To my crafty friends who are Master Forgers for CKC blog or participant followers, you will know of my struggles with massive kits and massive numbers of forgeries and even types of forgery ideas in the past couple of months. :)

      I've started shopping through my craft supplies with some pre-selections for my November kit but as I've been looking at the first few monthly posts from the MFs and a few others who have their kits made, I came to realization that I didn't have some items come close to the inspiration kit showcased this month (Citrus Twist's Little Things). Hence forgeries were started tonight before I have even finalized my actual kit!!!! :)

      Proof photo for how these papers (most are from The Paper Studio/Hobby Lobby and 1 is coloring book page) looked before I started my creativeness:

      Getting started! The black triangles on white paper has a corner area missing on 1 of 2 that I pulled for counterfeiting. Likewise the zig-zag black and white is missing a section, as well as the coloring book page, and the Ikat print. Of the 4 designer papers only 1 full paper has been completely forged. I'm intentionally leaving sections untouched at this point in the month. Coloring book page hasn't been colored yet. I'm going to hold off on that and see if and how I use the others:

      Those who have seen the inspiration kit (photo will be towards the end of the post) realize that spring colors are found along with some rainbow motifs. Rainbows are my inspiration for these forgeries. My rainbow palette seen below include yellow, pinks, orange, yellow-greens, teal, and blue-violets.

      Forgery one:

      Forgery two: using a Stampin' Up daisy build-a-kit, I picked the open outline petals, leaves, and centers so that I could use colored pencils to give that watercolor look that is iconic in the Citrus Twist curated kit "Little Things":

      Forgery three: Look at these 1970s-era palm trees!!!

      Forgery four step a: using a Studio G 'thank you' stamp

      Forgery four step b: zig-zag lines were so thick that the fine-lined stamp just wasn't showing up, so I had to use a black colored pencil to do the ribbon banner outlining and a black ink pen to thicken the lettering a little bit. It's still difficult to read. I think I may have to locate a fine tip black marker to make the lettering bolder. I'm loving all these rainbow spectrum forgeries!!!

      This is the ID badge for CKC:
      The link for the November 1 reveal and blog hop can be found here:

      Citrus Twist's curate kit "Little Things" from October 2018:

      See those lovely tasseled bows in yummy spring colors? And the puffy sticker sheet just to the left of them that also has those tones. In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the midst of autumn season so this is a huge color and motif departure from what I've grown up thinking about for November. But I'm going to do my best to scrap and/or make cards with a November kit and set aside a separate traditional turkey color palette kit for Thanksgiving cards that I haven't made yet.

      What crazy color-full creative paper engineering I have ahead for this month!!!! Stay tuned!!! You don't want to miss my kit reveal or upcoming projects!!!!!

      Becca S from the USA heartland

      Friday, November 2, 2018

      Three cards featuring one sketch design with two themes

      Can't believe how long it has been since I blogged!?!!!

      This blog post will be a tad complicated but hopefully I will set it up in sections to be easily followed. Three cards using mostly items from my October "All About Autumn" counterfeit kit for CKC blog were made yesterday. All three cards used the same sketch design shared in the CCMWF secret group from Facebook. And 2 of the 3 fit the colors and/or elements from the Inspired By #44 photo prompt titled "Soup is on".

      Card no. 1: Trendy thank you card for our pastor's family

      Design notes:
      a. barn siding and colors (soft peach, sage, tan, and gray) are found in the Inspired By #44 photo prompt
      b. plaid paper, animal print paper, barn siding with chevron paper were in October CKC blog kit
      c. kraft cardstock paper was used in August or September CKC blog kit
      d. planner stickers were new add-ons
      e. decorative hexagon tape was add-on
      f. sketch design shared in CCMWF secret group Facebook on October 20, 2018:
      g. Inspired By #44 photo prompt:

      h. proof of tan animal print paper was pulled from old inventory for the October CKC blog kit that I put together. (bottom left corner) The plaid was buried on this table, too, along with that bold barn siding chevron designer patterned paper. Link to the CKC blog page:

      Card no. 2: Birthday for my mom with autumn mood

      Design notes and links:
      A. 7 designer papers were all from October kit for CKC blog (some of the papers can be seen in the bottom left corner in the paper pile photo; others like the glossy textured ATC size papers used as backgrounds are seen in the middle row right side stack on top)
      B. kraft cardstocks used for card base was either August or September CKC blog kits
      C. Link for CKC blog:
      D. IB no 44 photo prompt challenge criteria: soft greens, whites, peach and pumpkin colors
      F. sketch design follows the CCMWF shared sketch fairly similar; Gooseberry Patch chipboard sticker instead of a flower; sentiment stamped on additional paper due to dark chocolate brown print as background

      Card no. 3: birthday card for classmate's mom with music elements

      Design notes and links:
      A. 3 designer papers (soft pink with music printed in white and the 2 glossy ATC sized textured papers in white and gold) [from Hot Off the Press and sold by Paper Wishes] were in the mega October kit for CKC blog; can see the small papers sitting on tops of 2 piles
      B. 1 designer paper burgundy brocade [from The Paper Studio by Hobby Lobby]
      D. Sketch design follows the CCMWF shared sketch the best; 
      E. music cardstock papers and pink metallic ribbon were received in a card kit for competing in recent CCMWF challenges
      F. music print decorative tape just seen on left side and right side behind the burgundy brocade paper is about 1 year old; purchased at Dollar Tree

      Thank you for following along and I hoped you looked back at the sketch design and the photo prompt pic as they related to the different cards. Check back in a day or two. I hope I can make some Thanksgiving and Christmas cards as well as get my remnants of October kit documented before pulling papers and embellishments for November. I'm enjoying the challenge of using up old inventory to either scrapbook old vacation or family photos OR make cards and other paper-crafted creations. 

      Please check back to see what's being created from the heart by Becca S!