Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

paper crafting of bookmarks

Bookmarks can be used traditionally as an item to mark your reading stop or to help guide your eye while reading. As a division in crafting, bookmarks aren't flat anymore. Depth and dimension and complexity are the key words to creating bookmarks that will be used and/or treasured like wall art.

Encourage your recipients of your bookmark creations to tuck theirs into some unexpected place as an art piece. Think about it propped next to a vase or figurine. Have it stuck in the trim edging of a cabinet door. Teenagers can have it dangling from a locker hook or tucked into their bedroom bulletin board.

Here are some very recent bookmark creations:

Bonus creation: the wall art calendar was fun to make. I recycled/re-used the year-by-months calendar from a newsletter and then mounted it twice onto patterned paper and then cardstock. The flower power clip at the top is removable. It could be used at the top of a book page. This clip is super easy to create. The secrets are using a jumbo paper clip and a jumbo brad fastener (which the flowers are resting on). The brad's prongs are folded out around the back side of the inner "u" part of the paper clip which allows the brad fastener to slide on.

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