Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cardmaking challenges= shape card with distressing and bleaching

Okay! I'm excited with the overall look of this baby duck card (has a short easel on back to help it to stand upright). I used sand paper to distress the outside edges and then used it again in zig-zagging motions over the duck's body area (not the bill). Then I pounced on many colors of ink from red-orange, light yellow-orange, 2 different shades of yellow, and light pink.

For the bleaching (1x) I used an unconventional method because I didn't want any disaster spills: I used teeth whitening strips. I took 2 different size foam hearts and pressed them down on the cardstock. Overnight drying (and maybe not enough bleach) by morning, I could hardly tell where I had bleached. So after scanning, I went and poured some teeth whitening rinse into the cap and used a cotton swab to go over the shapes. I re-scanned while the cardstock was not completely dry. It will be interesting to send by the time I getting this ready to mail, if it will have faded again.

And for a shape card, who couldn't love an image that makes us think of rubber duckies?!!! Sadly the only PW purchased product I used was the yellow flower embellishment which I thought could look like some feathers. The PW mb guest host challenges were to use a shape card, to use distressing, and to use bleaching.

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