Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bible art journaling

Matthew Chapters 1 & 2

Several years ago as a visitor to a church that I had been a former member (new pastor didn't know that), I received a paperback edition of the New Testament, so I decided I would use this for my first attempts at art journaling for my Bible study and reflection.

What's shown in the photos are the cover as is, ink word art to highlight Ch. 1 verse 21, and ink star sketch to correspond with all the verses in Chapter 2 speaking "of the star in the east".

After I decide how I want to add color and other details, highlights, etc. I will post more photos of the progression. However I did these 2 quick sketches last evening and wanted to share these early steps to help document the process.

I would like to encourage other crafters of faith to try art journaling as a way to study God's Word and another way for artistic outlet. (Bibles can very expensive and there are new ones available specifically for art/study journaling, however, I would encourage newbies and those with creative experience to try this first with a cheap type, like my paper NT. You do need to pay attention to possibly skip page(s) due to pressing on pages, color bleeding, saturation and warping, and other problems.

Placing a sheet of foam behind the page when you press down could minimize or eliminate marking previous work or upcoming pages. Place Kleenex or paper toweling behind the page if using stamp pads and/or markers can minimize bleeding onto previous pages, or the upcoming ones. Just be careful and cautious with this type of study journaling. This definitely helps me to slow down and take time to pray, think of others, think of Jesus' sacrifice for me, along with blessings received by God.

One last photo to share is of the Jesus written in a cross clipart image printed on copy paper, added different colors of ink from stamp pads for an aging/distressing look, and mounted to cardstock for an inside sentiment focal to 11 Easter cards sent out to a small amount of family members:

It's been quite awhile since I have posted to this blog. I can't promise I will do so on any kind of time frame in the future, but crafting I will be doing when I can! Hopefully this posting will inspire others....

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