Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Late May birthday cards for 2 lovely ladies--my sister and 1 niece

birthday 1: card for my sister, my favorite sister (my only sister!:)

This year I decided that I would create a fun festive colorful card for my sister. This is a definite different color palette than the norm that I do for her. Usually I use greens, turquoise, peaches, and then floral patterns. So this is a departure.
Overall card size: 5" x 7"

Multi striped patterned paper was purchased in a paper pad at Dollar Tree (yes!!)

Red doily was part of a 19 cent packaged my mom discovered in a box cleared out from my grandparents' home!!! Couldn't believe after 40-50+ years that they had not colored faded or mildewed!!!!

Here's the inside with the cover folded back so you can see the coordinated efforts here. The dotted paper used for the heart is part of the same paper pad as the cover's multi striped pattern paper.

The stars & balloon stickers are from a graduation theme sticker pack. I just chose to use the silver and blue & silver stickers to emphasize the blue hues in the papers.

The red stripes on the inside are masking tape that I found at Wal-Mart on clearance!!!!

Overall, the time involved in this card creation was probably about a half hour from start to finish due to the masking tape border stripes, stickers, doily, stamps, and using a full piece of pattern paper on the cover of the card. That's amazing for me!!!

Now for my sister's youngest child, my 2nd oldest niece, who has a birthday 6 days after her mother:

birthday card #2: niece

distressed denim blues theme

The edges of the card have 4 different colors of ink pads to add more distressed appearance to the card cover. The denim fabric pattern paper is from a paper pad bought at Dollar Tree. The triangle simulation of a handkerchief is a printed cardstock with repeated text of 'happy'. It was part of a 6" x 6" cardstock pattern paper stack purchased a few years ago. The blue cardstock was cut to a size to approximate a pocket. Oh, and 'birthday' was stamped over the multi ink colors and I only renewed the ink about every 5th or 6th stamping to add to the levels of fading tones of the card.

I apologize again for the low quality of my cellphone camera lens, but it is easier to send to my email and then download to computer. But here is a focus of the corner. I have a photo of the inside but I chose not showcase it for the blog.

That's it for card creations for late May and early June. I have another niece, #3 of my 4 nieces, with a birthday later in the month so that card will be part of a future post.

With a heart for creativity, Becca

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