Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Citrus-bright birthday card

bright summery colors to make this bday card for my great aunt

Base: white cardstock folded to 5" x 7"
Cardstock: bold yellow and grass green
Scotch tapes: chartreuse/light lime green and orange
Sheer ribbon: light lime green
Stickers: butterflies purchased in party supply section at Wal-Mart
Stamps: sentiment set purchased at JoAnne Fabrics Store
Ink pad set: used a dark red-violet ink pad from set purchased at Wal-Mart

My design goal was to place most of items on angles and hoped to get a good layout!!!! I think it turned out well. I tried to keep things simple and for me, fairly clean design.

inside using more of the grass green cardstock, happy print patterned blue cardstock with 1 more butterfly sticker and another simple sentiment stamped

And the card shown standing up

My 86 year old great aunt loved the card and just exclaimed wanting to know where I get all my ideas to make the cards. Well, out of love would be one "place" and out of my swirling, churning imagination would be another! :) Hence my blog title: Becca's Heart for Creativity....

I need to create a card for my nephew's 1st wedding anniversary, so that will be an upcoming post and a niece will be #18 soon, too, for another one.

May my heart for creativity inspire yours!

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