Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Early Autumn Splendor kit project 11 showcases a 2007 visit to Grand Ole Opry

Early Autumn Splendor kit is used for this one page scrapbook layout!

Is it Old or Ole for the 2nd word in the Opry? I always think of it as Ole...hmm...being here was a bucket list achievement of my husband's. We've been there a 2nd time too. 

My kit provided the forgery maple leaf patterned paper, the forgery paper bow, and the various cardstocks and patterned papers on this one page layout. The photos were horrible quality but I wanted to capture this part of our vacation trip anyway since it meant so much to my hubby to be there.

more photos of the layout taken from different angles=

This might be my last project for the month. Just a few days are left and other duties like cleaning house need to be tackled! :) From the USA heartland, Becca S


  1. Darn house cleaning - cuts into the crafting time too much!! love your layout Becca - I am sure there are many precious memories that this page documents

    1. Maxine, in truth 8-9 hours today was spent with my husband in the ER being checked out. He's had lots of chest pressure lately but wasn't sure if it was indigestion or reflux. They think it's indigestion. But at least troponin enzyme was normal so his heart wasn't having any type of mild or full heart attack. Thank the heavens. He's had 6 mild ones in the past 11 months. ugh....


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