Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September counterfeit kit started with forgeries for CKC blog current posts

Exciting colors! Great motifs! The splendor of autumn about 2-3 weeks early, but who can resist?!?!!

Colors this month focus on golden yellow, greens, oranges, reds, and browns; and the original kit that is being copied has touches of light blue.

Motifs seen in the original patterned papers and embellishments include old trucks, bows, mason jars, wildlife animals, trees and wood grain/tree rings, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and leaves.

There are even some fall florals, circles, and rustic touches like twine but also surprising elegant touches like sequins, glitters, vellum, and gems.

I haven't even made my copy cat version of the September kit yet! In all truthfulness, I have cleaned off my work table and set aside unused August kit papers and embellishments that I will take a photo of separately from other supplies I will shop for throughout my storage spots in the garage.

My forgeries today, September 5, 2018, are making my version of autumn-themed patterned papers. I spent time online searching for free black and white clip art or coloring pages that I could either print full page or copy multiple times to fill a full page(s). These photos show what I got completed up until about 7pm.

The first two photos show a maple leaves coloring page that I put back into the printer tray and then printed templates of 3 different sized bows and tails sections on top. I haven't cut them out yet, but I plan to use punches or stencils for the remaining scraps.

Photo taken of my computer screen in the process of printing out a mixed grouping of fruits and vegetables that I've copied 9 times in order to fill the page so it prints a full sheet.

The bows and tails template is at the top left of this grouping. I've got mason jars, squirrels, mushrooms, scarecrow scene, and a camping scene beside the maple leaves and fruits/vegetables medley.

Another view of my 'new' counterfeit patterned papers:

This is a collage photo of the full original kit selected by CKC blog's Master Forger, Tina, from Noel Mignon's Apple Crisp Classic Kit.

This is the ID badge for CKC blog. And a link for the post featuring 3 DT members (Master Forgers) with what is affectionately and humor-fully known as Forgery on the Fourth:

Stay tuned in the upcoming days to see how I progress with this challenge. I've got lots of cards I am needing to make this month! I also want to get some scrapbook layouts and/or pocket pages made using old photos. Becca S


  1. Beautiful forgeries Becca! Can't wait to see your projects.
    Cindy F

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I'm leaving a few plain right now since I want to wait until putting together items. And then I've got the maple leaves, squirrels, scarecrow scene, and camping scene colored in. Fun!


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