Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, February 11, 2019

TN Time Challenge 2 LO and prompt using CKC kit and 100 PPC starter stack

TN Time with Lisa and Lori have their #2 challenge sketch and prompt ready for February 2019

TN Time accepts traveler notebooks, planners, and bullet journals. Using the index card ring like a TN or Bujo has been approved. 

Journaling/Bible verse hand-written: "As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love."

Clip/tab hand-written: 2/10/19 and John 15:9

Groups to acknowledge:
a. TN Time's Lisa's blog, My Creative Endeavors

b. TN Time's Lori's blog, My Happy Life

c. CKC blog's post "Just the Gist" from 2/2/2019

d. 100 Pattern Papers Challenge, a Facebook group, because the CKC kit I made is from the larger starter stack I compiled for my 2019's 100 PPC

e. new Facebook group I've started following= Traveler Notebook Scrapbookers, which I will post a photo to for showing this layout

More photos:

some of the CS and papers pulled for my CKC Feb kit titled "Bodacious Botanicals"; the butterfly patterned lightweight cardstock can be seen...……………….here

The "pocket card" feature used as a photo was cut from this page included in My Mind's Eye "Find Your Wings and Fly" collection:

Lori's prompt half of TN Time's 2nd challenge:

Lisa's sketch for her half of TN Time's 2nd challenge:

Design notes for left page: due to even smaller size of index cards, adaptions have been taken=
a. instead of little tabs at the top, I used to little pieces of micro yellow decorative tape and 1 little piece of a micro metallic gold tape with a little split heart planner sticker surrounded by a pink foam heart outline
b. The verse written out only took 3 1/2 lines instead of the 7 shown in the sketch
c. the title box was enlarged and title words using the foam word stickers also spilled over; the heart(s) was reduced to 1 tiny split heart planner sticker and a round foam dot

right page:
a. I did a base paper but due to the size of the pocket card being used as the photo I opted to just have 2 little scraps of butter yellow CS and light blue CS behind the green sticky tab that is simulating the clipboard's clip shown on photo.
b. Since the pocket card features the letters of LOVE, I left off the subtitle
c. Instead of a little girl, I moved the church building foam sticker with added hearts up to top right corner (mostly for not covering up the pretty LOVE pocket card
d. there is another tiny split heart planner sticker in the bottom left corner and 2 foam dots in the bottom right corner
e. the tiny planner stickers and foam dots were used to reinforce/repeat the colors of other elements

both pages for the theme/prompt half of challenge issued by Lori:
a. the something I love is God (I also love butterflies. They are my favorite insect and design shape! I'm so glad God included them in creation! Someone has called them fluttering flowers which is a perfect description.)
b. this is reinforced with the verse, the word stickers, and the church building shaped sticker
c. I've included more than 1 heart, so I've satisfied that aspect of the theme challenge!

I believe I have enough elements to support both TN Time February 2019 challenges! Whew!!! :) These 2 pages/index cards are part of my Bible Word of the Year set. I thought this would be a great journaling insert for the card ring!

Becca S...crafting in the USA heartland


  1. Wonderful pages Becca - love how you have used the challenge prompts.

    1. Maxine: I appreciate your feedback and checking out my latest crafting!

  2. Becca, your notebook is shaping up very nicely. I'm so glad you were able to construct your page as to not cover the Love card. I took note of your displayed pic of that sheet of Mind's Eye paper. Beautiful stuff!. Your page is uplifting and the colors are captivating.

    1. Sharon: Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming my latest blog follower! That's so sweet! I appreciate crafting feedback.

  3. Wow! Amazing job with the challenges Becca!! LOVE your spread!! Thanks for playing along with us again at TN Time with Lisa & Lori!

    1. Lisa: Thanks for acknowledging my latest link-up for your new TN challenge venture with Lori! I'm hoping more crafters will see your great sketches and Lori's theme/technique prompts to give TN/BUJO a try!

  4. Beautifully done, Becca! I am so glad you are playing along with us at TN Time With Lisa & Lori!

    1. Thanks, Lori, for acknowledging my submission to your challenge!

  5. Replies
    1. Cindy: I appreciate your time taken to check out other paper creations I've been working on!

  6. Love that TN spread; really pretty!


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