Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

challenge for followers to create Dec daily album

Hi! In recent issue of Scrapbooks Etc they showed a woman's December dailies album. Even though I don't have children, I thought since I'm really pushing my crafting skills and abilities, I would try this.

In the magazine issue, the Dec dailies creator encouraged that the 'guts' of the album be made ahead of time and I thought that would be the key for me if I wanted to succeed at this project. So over the past 3 days, I've spent maybe 3-4 hours getting mine created.

To make the cost easy on my wallet, I used a regular green notebook binder and 31 sheet protector pages. I've put a foil star in the bottom R corner of each. I've alternated construction paper colors (off-white, green, red, brown, black) to be background papers for each day. Before putting into the sheet protector pages, I've done the following: date stamped each page twice (opposite corners), used decorative hole punches--star and reindeer (I've varied the locations and # of times punched), and added a white shape cut-out to be a small journal area (varied and alternated the shapes--stocking, Chr tree, star, snowman, & mitten).

So far, I've not spent much money as time and effort. My date stamper doesn't show up on the black construction paper, but I'll reinforce the date on the journal area, so I'm not concerned with this. I'm planning on recording any special Christmas events we attend, when Christmas cards arrive, when gifts are received, etc. Later, I will insert the rec'd cards into the album after I've displayed them for about a month. Every year I try to buy at least one new ornament, so I want to record that on one of the days in December.

Check out the magazine issue to see how the example was made and I hope many blog followers will do this for themselves and their families.

There's no limit on the range or the variety of types of 'dailies' that could be created. Ideas: you could try to bake a different cookie every day and show photos/share recipe; you could try a different appetizer every day...; you could create and/or give a little gift to someone every day (make a list to include neighbors, co-workers, elderly relatives, etc); you could do a family activity every day and record it w/ photos, memo response strips from each member (could be simple ideas like making hot chocolate, popping and stringing popcorn, putting out birdseed/corn cobs for birds & squirrels, taking a walk around the block to look at neighbor's decoration,.....)

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