Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

CKCB Guest Designer Layout 3 using a forgery or substitution for designer paper

Why has there been so much fuss this week? The answer: I'm Guest Designer, a temporary Master Forger, for Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog!

Earlier today I released a long post showcasing all my forged elements that I've tackled already in about 1 week's time! My creative wheels have been burning rubber!!!

In my Forgeries on the Fourth reveal post I've shared 4 counterfeit elements from the original kit and for some I've even done variations, so I'm overachieving again. However I'm making dents into 2 paper piles already from just making 2 small 5" square cards, 2 notebook sheet size scrapbook layouts and now a 3rd notebook size layout:

Forged element is using the Fall theme Journaling spots freebie sheet as a pretend designer patterned paper! The white margins were trimmed off. Faith's photo hides a "My Teacher" title and Gwen's photo hides an umbrella. The orange masking tape is also another copied idea from the original kit featured at CKC blog October 1st reveal post as well as seen on my 10/1/18 issue. My nieces and nephew original photos have been distorted color and surface-wise from being out on my desk a year ago August 13th when we had a house fire. I'm surprised they were even able to be photocopied on the printer the other day. I haven't asked my sister-in-law for replacements yet. But am excited that I could still capture how they appeared in the Fall of 2016!

I kept this layout easy. One change I would probably do is mount a solid color paper behind the journaling spots sheet. There is space if it had a narrow margin. Each kids' photo has their own different paper mat with a narrow margin from that featured paper pile. The thick felt fox stick-on I think was purchased at Hobby Lobby in a multipack. (owl, squirrel)

This photo is my computer screen to verify that I found the journaling cards freebie online. The link was included in today's earlier post and I'll repeat it here from Creating Keepsakes 2012:

The above photo was taken before this project started so the stack has a full plaid sheet, some of that blue scrap, some of that two-tone blue now gone! YEA! Making dents into this massive kit I've compiled with 90-95%+ old inventory.

The Hobby Lobby purchased papers by The Paper Studio seen in the below pic are newer purchases but that was last December or January. So it's time to get them used too. The below photo was part of my second post on October 1st to have more of the colors and patterns showing than how I photographed for the first post that day. This was also a helpful creativity exercise to sort and group through mixing and matching by looks or moods. There are light and delicates and then the bold vibrant graphics, too. I really really needed to do that. Plus I purged out about 12 papers of different sizes to use sometime in the future.

The CKCB ID badge is pictured here. If you've been holding on to your craft products like I've been, check out this blog, get inspired, and start using!! Link for the Forgeries on the Fourth post at CKCB:

Check out my previous posts connected to CKCB October Guest Designer since October 1 as well as mine. Next will required post will be October 6 when we some of us do a mini kit from out of our larger October kits. I've not started that one yet. Probably need to make a dent in another pile. Hmm. Which stack? Which embellishments? Any forged/fake replacements?

October 2018 Guest Designer for CKC blog--Becca S


  1. I like to print freebies too!!

    1. Isn't it great! Instead of cutting apart to use separately, I just have it like a sheet of printed paper. Easy-peasy!

  2. This is a super example of how to make the huge amount of free stuff online work for you! Looks like you are scrapping up a storm and overachieving is something I can totally relate to! :-)

    1. Lisa, overachieving is a hazard of being a first-born! Always an inner drive to do more or be the best or at top of the class! :)

  3. Love this layout that you made using the forgeries, so great to record the school pictures.
    Cindy F

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Last month with the September kit I ended up only using maple leaf printed paper and bows. I need to use the rest either in October or November along with what I made this month, so I'm going to have to be very diligent!


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