Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, October 1, 2018

CKCB October reveal kit part two showcasing massive paper sorting

October 2018 Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog features me as the Guest Designer and my kit to copy-cat was massive.

Papers have been sorted into mixes of colors, prints, and moods. Way too many patterned papers were pulled 2 weeks ago and once I start crafting I'm sure I'm going to need more solid color cardstocks. Probably not full sheets but scraps to help give the eye a visual break.

I grouped papers on top of an old 'card' table and I took 4 photos to get it all pictured. Pics will overlap but hopefully it will be visually more pleasing than the massive array seen in the earlier posting for the CKC blog hop.

This is still so exciting. I've felt like I've been unwrapping Christmas gifts with organizing all these papers!

Upper left:

Upper right:

Lower right:

Lower left:

Link to CKC October 1 reveal:

Keep checking back to see what I create with these sorted paper stacks from my compiled October copy-cat kit for CKCB!

Becca S, crafting in the heartland


  1. Wow - that was one huge kit, Becca - looking forward to seeing what you create

    1. I just have too much old inventory that was 'unearthed' about 4 months ago from one of our garages that had extra furniture stored in front. To my shock, lots of it is in very good condition. This chance to use and purge my old stuff has felt great.

  2. Love all the graphics!! Looks like a fun kit!!

    1. Thanks, Meagan! I'm excited and highly motivated to use these old papers and make a dent in my stockpile!

  3. This is a great idea - grouping things together in colour groups or patterns. Lovely and many I spy here are in my own stash. Looks like a humungous pile of product but as I've been working back through your posts, I can see that you've been using it up!

    1. Hi, Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! 1st week completed and 1 large stack almost annihilated! And maybe 40-50% of another stack has been used, too. With a few papers added in plus some solid color cardstock, I've still been using more than I've averaged previously in the past 8 years. Win-Win!!!!

  4. Beautiful kit, love how you add the scraps into your original kit.
    Cindy F

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog post, Cindy! I've got lots of old stuff to use in variety of size and proportions!


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