Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

CKCB October kit Forgery on the Fourth with my versions of icons and metallic leaves

Isn't it fun to be creative and resourceful with a bit of whimsy when you tweak something or make your own inspired version from marketplace items?!!?!!

Forgery on the Fourth has made paper-crafting exciting for me in the past few months as I've participated with CKC blog! In September I took a coloring book page that I colored in bright autumn leaf colors to become one of my patterned papers for my kit and then I also used another sheet of it to make 3 different size paper bows which I've used two of. Pics will be at the end of the post. For October I got excited about the picture cards, text and icons papers, and quilt looks along with all the uses of metallic gold and glitter/shine accents. Reference photos from the Wild Hare (WH) kit selected for counterfeiting by CKCB will be towards the end.

Forgery #1: adding the razzle dazzle to purchased burlap leaves=

After photos shown above: glitter paint to give a metallic sparkle to burlap leaves bought in packs at Dollar Tree (YES!); and the glitter poster paints and brushes too are from DT for a very budget-friendly way to make a custom look

Before photos shown above: burlap leaves (one from each pack) to start my experimenting; and 2nd round a bit more bold approach with blues, pinks, greens

Forgery #2: picture card/text quilt forged designer paper by using Creating Keepsakes 2012 journaling cards freebie=

This is a partial screen shot of the old freebie still available from Creating Keepsakes. Instead of cutting apart the journaling spots, I'm going to use these with trimmed off margins, mounted to a full sheet of notebook size scrapbook paper then add copies of photos with some labeling and a few embellishments.

Forgery #3: gold-accented embellishments using a gold paint pen=

more budget-friendly custom-made embellishments: gold paint pen, leaf pack, and small doilies ALL bought at Dollar Tree!

Forgery #4: text and icon designer imitation papers with 3 different approaches I made=

A. autumn theme text and icons made using Google docs and clip art images:

B. quilt or icon imitation paper made using Google docs and selfies:

C. quilt or icon imitation paper made using Google docs and duos:

Five forgery project items have been used for a 2 page layout "Then and Now" this is us theme:

*gold accented silk leaf
*gold accented mini doily with roses highlighted
*gold accent mini doily with trellis pattern
*glitter painted burlap oak leaf
*quilt format "paper" made with duo pics

And where were these papers buried in my All About Autumn kit? 

Top left group has a vivid blue that I've used 75%, gold hologram is reduced to 50%, plaid had 1 1/2 sheets notebook size and I used about 25%, and more parts of this set will be featured on Oct. 5.

Inspiration was taken from the kit to counterfeit that was curated specifically for Mandi Holmes by Wild Hare Kits. Pictured are the 'bits and bobs' and the paper selections:

REMINDER: Some of my September forgeries and how I used them:

Busy paper-crafting in the heartland, Becca S.

CKC Blog will be showcasing mini kits and a project made with them by Master Forgers and the October Guest Designer (me) on October 6. Make sure to come back and check on this. And for October 4, see what all the fuss is about regarding forgeries and go to the Forgeries on the Fourth link that I had up near the CKC blog ID badge or here.


  1. Wow, you really went to town with the forgeries! Once the idea has "got" you, then there's no limit to the possibilities, don't you think? Some super ideas and tips here and I like the simplicity but effectiveness of them. Fabulous Becca!

    1. That's right, Lisa! I had so many thoughts and instead of stalling, I just started making and implementing. I'm set of fire--for paper-crafting!!!

  2. Beautiful forgeries. Sometimes I find it had to stop making the forgeries and to actually use them to scrap with.
    Cindy F

    1. Cindy: yes, I'm going to have to be vigilant in using remainder of September's and October's!!!

  3. I so love those blinged out leaves! Definitely my favourite of all your wonderful forgeries

    1. Thanks, Alex, for stopping by to read this post. I've got 2 leaves yet to use and 1 paper bow from September!


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