Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

CKC blog Jan 2019 LIRNH kit layout six featuring anniv date five

How our love is reaching new heights...hubs surprises me with a favorite candy treat of mine at the end of our supper date!

Above: close-up for the top left section (stenciling and stickers)
Below: the full mixed format pocket page for anniversary date #5 from January 6, 2019

Below: close-up for the bottom left section (layering; repetition of colors; angled cut to reflect arrows and tails in other pockets)

Below: close-up of the bottom right section (more repeated colors and patterns/papers from previous album pages plus more layering)

Below: close-up of the top right section (cloud paper has been used in previous album pages plus use of hearts; 2 hearts stickers are placed on diagonal to mimic traditional icon of Valentine's cupid arrow piercing the heart; lots of curves and angles; repeating colors and floral washi tape)

besides the personal challenge to try to have 23 dates within a 23+/- mile radius of our home before 23rd anniversary on January 27th, the January 2019 challenges at CKC blog have helped document our dates:

This is the inspiration prompt for January 2019 CKC blog picked by Master Forger Susan. In this particular pocket page, the elements that reflect the kit are: floral tape, browns/black/blues/pinks tones, diagonal lines, hot air balloon motif instead of bicycles that I subbed out for my kit, and the hearts.

I'm having a great time this month with "dating", documenting, and 'destroying' my Love Is Reaching New Heights kit for jan 2019 CKC blog challenges!!!! Oh, my sweet love!!!

Becca S and shout-out to 100 Pattern Papers Challenge that pushes me to use old papers like the cloud paper that I've had for 8-10 years!


  1. What a sweet page - love your colours and all the layering on this page Becca

    1. Thanks, Maxine! I'm enjoying these mixed format pocket pages!!!

  2. Another sweet page! Love the layering. It's amazing how old some of our paper is and it's all about looking at it in a new light, which CKC helps me to do!
    Cindy F


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