Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, January 7, 2019

CKC blog January 2019 kit Love is Reaching New Heights layout one

Love Is Reaching New Heights kit's layout #1 in mixed format pocket page

CKC's kit for inspiration to copy-cat this month is shown further down in the post and it is muted compared to the pinks I've used for this layout. I've got lots of the muted greens and grays that reflect the FJ kit "Hannah". The premise of CKC aka Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to use supplies from your own inventory to mimic a vendor's kit.


I also want to use this layout for the FB group, 100 Pattern Paper Challenge, January 2019 challenge of using something old, new, blue, and 'else'/surprise personal pick. Even though several papers used were from My Mind's Eye 2013 collection that I just received, so they were new to me (hot air balloon print, diagonal line print). The old are the gray on gray damask print and the black with white dot print. Blue is not a paper but 2 of the enamel gem dots clustered around my snapshot. Something else would be the heart focal embellishment that I put together (pink glitter heart base with white, pink, and red sticker hearts arranged on top).

The one design motif of the FJ kit that I've changed dramatically is the bicycle. I had just received some hot air balloon papers from My Mind's Eye 2013 in a mystery bargain box purchased through Peachy Cheap website and thought I'd substitute for the Hannah's bicycle. The hot air balloons prompted my designated title for this month--Love Is Reaching New Heights. Because on January 27th my husband and I will be reaching year #23. And in order to mark this achievement that he thought we'd never reach (I met him as a widower who had been married to wife #1 for 23 years & 10 months), we are trying to have 23 dates within 23 miles of our home before our 23rd anniversary.

Hubs doesn't like having his picture taken NOR taking pictures; hence his fierce expression that really makes his 1/4 Cherokee heritage noticeable and explains my blurry photo! :)

The above photo which I was trying to get a close-up of mentions the 23 dates within 23 mile radius. Date #1's destination of Burger King is about 6 miles from our home so that's perfect. With a coupon, we only spent $5.31 for supper!!!

The compiled image is Felicity Jane's (FJ) "Hannah" kit that they revealed in October 2018. It is definitely an unusual choice for someone living in Midwest America in January. Rain today. Temperature's dropping 20+ degrees within 24 hours or less! Mostly cloudy as well. Ugh. But I've got this light dainty refreshing mix of papers and embellishments to get motivated by for documenting the dates we've had (5 so far; 18 more to achieve by January 27th)!!! I need to get back to scrapbooking more layouts and/or have another date in order to reach my personal goals this month!!! Stay tuned to see where else we go and how I use my kit (see my previous kit reveal post)!!!

From the USA heartland, Becca S


  1. What a great page - love the way you are using your CKC 'kit' this month

    1. Maxine: I appreciate your feedback and keeping alerted to my posts!

  2. Looks good Becca. I'm glad you are doing 100 paper challenge. I did it last year and it helped me get through my kits.

    1. Julene: Thanks for your encouragement! Love the 100 PPC group and the CKC blog/community!

  3. Great page Becca! Pocket pages take me forever and I'm loving your inspiration!
    Cindy F

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I'm enjoying them! Especially lately, I can work on a section or two, in between helping hubby.


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