Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Make a Wish Birthday card

I wish I could a pretty butterfly!

Blue Skies and Butterflies is the prompt theme for Challenge #2 for CKC blog. I've also used the Moroccan tile patterned paper from MME out of my CKC March kit along with the "forgery" butterfly which will be explained in more depth later in this post. Space/Galaxy is a theme for LRW. Spring Lovelies is a theme for Inspired By. I've tried to unify these using the image of Bianca from Oddball Art for a design team inspiration card for PPCC blog. Did I succeed or fail?

Challenges striving to achieve linking to:

a. PPCC blog #423...I'm back on the design team (DT) starting with March 27, 2019 post!!!! This is my first inspiration card in 8-9 months. And using one of the provided images, Bianca,  from 1 of the prize sponsors, Oddball Art, I've been able to make this dear sweet birthday card=


b. CKC blog using March 2019 kit and Challenge #2 Blue Skies & Butterflies and Forgeries on the Fourth (Moroccan tile print CS is from my March kit; butterfly embellishment is a forgery that I made for that March kit)

Scrapbook and Cards Today from Spring 2018 is the selected monthly inspiration to copy cat for CKC blog March 2019

c. LRW #489 Space/Galaxy theme challenge--I've got blue cloud paper and a butterfly...more for sky, not necessarily further away in the cosmos...hmm?

d. IB's #64 not the photo prompt (spring lovelies) but the sketch design prompt is what  I tried to do turning it upside down/ I don't have much of the lavender colors but I do have a spring theme...hmm? Subconsciously I might have been influenced by the photo prompt for how I used colored pencils to fill in the Bianca image.

this sketch design is what Laurel used/based for her card seen on her LSD blog:

More photos of this charming birthday card:

Notes for the sketch design:
a. the gray rectangle block that has become "Bianca's" spot tripled the area.
b. turn it upside down or reverse the location of the strips that I moved up to the top left side.
c. The cloud print computer paper takes up more space than specified on the provided sketch but I still feel like there is enough elements reflecting the image
d. the sketch design doesn't show any embellishments but I needed to connect the Bianca girl image with the blue skies and butterflies challenges

Have you noticed the blue and black design inside the butterfly? I'm so crazy giddy about this forgery/hack I came up with!!!!!!!!!!!! [forgeries are another challenge aspect each month with Counterfeit Kit Challenges blog]

I accidentally had white cardstock still in my printer tray when I changed the black printer ink cartridge and press the button to print the alignment sheet!!!! Since it was CS, I hated to trash the sheet, so as it laid on top of the printer cover, it dawned on me the other day to see it as a geometric type pattern (or at least 3/4 of it)!!!! I found a black outline butterfly image then sized it for wallet size and then extended for it to be repeated 9 times to fill the page for printing!!! I LOVE the results!!!

Isn't this card super! A cutie pie!!! I think it will be for a niece turning 17 in early April...we shall see. Meanwhile I will still be crafting in my little part of the USA heartland,

Becca S


  1. Love the card and kudos for incorporating more than one challenge, that always makes my head spin when I try it.

    1. Susanne: thanks! I think of it like a puzzle; trying to figure out the pieces and how to make them fit!


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