Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Friday, February 25, 2011

topic: Part II: more of the scrapbook layout made from swap kit

Part II: Due to uploading time of photos I needed to split the photos between 2 postings. It's too interesting to see what my kit creator buddy put into the packet and what I have done with it.

Here are the other 2 layout pages:

topic: Part I: 4 page scrapbook layout using items from PW Jan 2011 swap kit

Part I: Last month through Paper Wishes message board's January scrapbook elements swap, I received a layout kit from another crafter. We were given a minimal list of items/supplies to include in the kit. We could choose the colors, theme, etc but the majority of supplies had to be PW/HOTP products.

I'll post a photo showing the kit I received and then I'll include 2 of the 4 layout pages I've created with elements/supplies from the kit. (Note: I still have materials left!) Look for the Part II post in a few minutes.

topic: cute bookmark with parts of re-used card

I love the color purple but STILL I think this bookmark is darling (even if I was the one to create it!) Can you believe that the 3 scalloped circles were punched from the back of the thank you card that had the awkward stacked cups as the front image?

And then Paper Wishes/Hot Off the Press came to the rescue with the terrific silver dazzles (butterfly profile, heart, and words 'create' & 'moments'), the vintage lavendar butterfly brad,and the purple dragonfly brad.

Other supplies & tools are: purple paper, decorative scissors, lavendar ink pad, rounded corner punch, purple sheer and satin ribbons, colored staples, lavendar floral vellum border sticker,ruler, pencil, stapler, glue/mounting adhesive squares, straight-edge scissors and of course manila tag.

Quick summary of step to do this:
1) have tag=hole-punch near top center and use corner punch; then ink edges and along top surface perimeter;
2) measure and decorative cut paper (about 3"x6") and adhere; adhere vellum border sticker along top; insert brad and ribbon through hole-punch; and attach 2 folded ribbon strips using staples at the bottom;
3) adhere recycled image art and punched circles; then insert dragonfly brad to 1 circle and apply dazzles (or stickers of flowers/insects).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

topic: masculine birthday card

Two days ago I created an interesting inside layout for a guy's birthday card which featured a 1920s car and driver. Under the image using black letter stickers I put 'AUTO'. When you open the card is shows 3 things to do for your birthday: (1) eat cake; (2) celebrate; and (3) wish.

So hopefully the guy is thinking: "ought to eat cake",....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

sneak peek at creations for PWMB swaps

I'm so excited about the theme challenges for this month's Paper Wishes Message Board swaps for papercrafting and scrapbooking. (Normally, I sign up for the card-making and try to do some challenges, but with trying to get Valentines made for my family, I knew I would be facing some timing issues.)

For papercrafting, we were challenged to create tags with a romantic feel. (The recepient might use the tag for a card, a gift bag, a scrapbook layout, etc.) So instead of just one, I made 4!!!!

For scrapbooking elements, we were challenged to create heart embellishments that included stitching or "fake" pen-stitching. Since I made 4 for my other swap receiver, I made 4 for this one. (Once I got my machine threaded, these heart embellishments were quick to put together.)

Hope these inspire you to get crafty!

Friday, February 18, 2011

paper crafting topic=design layout by modifying a sketch example

when I see a sketch or get inspired by someone else's creation, I always like to tweak an element or two to make it my own. Sometimes it means rotating the design 90 degrees. Sometimes it means adding an embellishment or changing the size or shape.

My design layout that inspired the following 4 Valentine cards: one 3"wide by 6 1/8" long paper; one 3" wide by 5" long paper; [large one to left side of card and smaller one overlaps on the right side]; 3 sentiment/text strips centered and headed to left side; [I substituted with embellishments like stickers, foam shapes, etc.]; and then a small embellishment in the bottom right corner.

I've added ribbon to each one and for the feminine ones, I used a rounded corner punch on the papers.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

paper crafting of bookmarks

Bookmarks can be used traditionally as an item to mark your reading stop or to help guide your eye while reading. As a division in crafting, bookmarks aren't flat anymore. Depth and dimension and complexity are the key words to creating bookmarks that will be used and/or treasured like wall art.

Encourage your recipients of your bookmark creations to tuck theirs into some unexpected place as an art piece. Think about it propped next to a vase or figurine. Have it stuck in the trim edging of a cabinet door. Teenagers can have it dangling from a locker hook or tucked into their bedroom bulletin board.

Here are some very recent bookmark creations:

Bonus creation: the wall art calendar was fun to make. I recycled/re-used the year-by-months calendar from a newsletter and then mounted it twice onto patterned paper and then cardstock. The flower power clip at the top is removable. It could be used at the top of a book page. This clip is super easy to create. The secrets are using a jumbo paper clip and a jumbo brad fastener (which the flowers are resting on). The brad's prongs are folded out around the back side of the inner "u" part of the paper clip which allows the brad fastener to slide on.

Paper crafting topic= Valentine Day sampler

Due to some unexpected events that interrupted my plans for creating Valentine cards, some of my valentine/love theme works were very quick and easy (lack details). As craft time opened up again, I was able to make some cards with some "bling" and/or layers.

Techniques I've been relying on lately are: using the round corner edge punch, using brad fasteners, using colored staples (for adhering and also add color & texture), and inking edges of the basic card form and papers used whether it's for a card, tag, or bookmark.

Here's a sampler from the past 2 weeks:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

paper crafting topic= more about re-using, recycling parts of cards

With teaching as my primary career field, being resourceful and creative with items I already have or that have been passed onto by others, is like breathing. It comes automatic!

Here are some recent creations that just might inspire you to take another look at what you consider "junk" or "stuff".

Two "new" cards use recycled card cover art and the other two "new" cards use recycled calendar art.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

paper crafting topic= reduce, re-use, and/or recycle

Creative people are resourceful. We tend to give items a double-look before discarding. Can I use part of this? If I changed this or added something else, how would it look?

Recently I've highlighted items using gift wrap or book pages. This week's re-used items were strips showcasing color or pattern selections from paper pads' covers: (see bookmarks) and from small stationery notepads sent in mail from charitable organizations: (see note cards; A2 size= 4x6).