Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Color Challenge--Gray

The 2nd weekend homework assignment for the survey class had 5 new required elements: *(not pictured: sketch layout; lots of rectangles) *use of gray and another color; suggestions were gray and peach, gray and pink, gray and yellow, or gray and turquoise *one tracing of a household or office item *sentiment contains theme of "I have a dream" or "My wish" *one use of zig-zag lines (chevron, zipper, lighting bolt, etc) (ch
The sketch layout proved even difficult for me. Using white pre-cut cards with a square opening immensely helped!!! My creations for the student challenge are:

Color challenge--Blue

Students in my survey class (Orientation to Home Economics) have been challenged with weekend homework assignments this quarter by creating cards using a "recipe" I've put together for each time. The first weekend's five required elements included: *two tones of blue *one use of plastic wrap or foil or waxed paper *winter theme *sentiment includes thanks *one part from front needs to be repeated to the inside
Pardon my getting used to my new printer/scanner: here are my creations for the student assignment