Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

card topic: Tuesday Trigger at Moxie Fab World blog

This Tuesday's Trigger certainly inspired me this week. Growing up in the 60s-70s, Pyrex bowls like those shown were in every relative's home.

Tomorrow, May 29, my great uncle Curt and aunt Georgia Ann will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary. They are even renewing their vows!!! At 94 1/2 and almost 93 years of age, I think this is just absolutely darling!!! And what wouldn't be a great inspirational design but using a retro vibe and bright summer sunshine colors!!! A quick list of some of the supplies were PW/HOTP for gold dazzles, Colorbok for most of the papers, and CardMaker Kit for 2 papers. A quick note of some techniques used were: sanding/distressing edges, decorative scissors, adapting stencils for birds and branches, and foam tab elevating for hearts, birds, and branches.

Here's my Moxie Fab card:

Friday, May 27, 2011

card topic: PW mb circle card swap continues

Paper Wishes message board circle card swap is still continuing. About 2 weeks ago, I posted my starter card for Group 3/my group. I'm an IL crafter and the others are from WV, KY, FL, and BC/Canada. My starter card is apparently lost in the postal system somewhere, so this week I decided I needed to get a replacement made.

I didn't have enough of the main paper I used for the other but I did use 2 similar color patterned papers for this one. The card base was purchased through PW and both papers are HOTP. I used a stencil template for the decorative edging along with a scoring tool and scissors. The edges are inked with a yellow-orange.

The photos will show the card closed (some of the inside shows around the decorative edging) and opened. When I receive the finish card, I will post it, for those of my followers who are frequent checkers. (Blog followers: give me some feedback=have you ever participated in a card circle?)

card topic: embellishments

Embellishments for an uplifting sympathy card: main colors are green and yellow with blue, brown, and orange has the key accent colors.

Several types of embellishments are used for the front: layered flower brads, jewel stick-ons (Jolee's Bling), cardstock border (Making Memories), and colorful alphabet stickers (Creativity Works). The 2 green/yellow patterned papers are (Colorbok). Colorbok, Jolee's Bling, and Making Memories items were purchased at a local Hobby Lobby store.

The inside has a coordinated layered flower brad from same collection as those featured on the front.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

card making topic: another attempt at sketch challenge

I've reversed the diagonal in order to work with the border print. I'm still wanting to use this sketch again. Maybe keep the design simpler like the sketch suggests.

PW/HOTP items on the creation include: all daisy stick-ons, the 2 patterned papers under the yellow daisy, both vellum border stickers, and the text strip.

The background papers are actually 2 separate ones: the bottom striped border is one computer paper and the blue flower print is another. (What's even better from my pocketbook view, I found these cute bright prints at a dollar store! Good patterns and prints don't have to be expensive.)

Here's the card cover:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cardmaking challenges: sketch challenge and pleating

More Paper Wishes (PW) message board (mb) challenges to capture! I won't be showing the sketch but it had the diagonal not-quite rectangle going from bottom left corner to upper right corner with a circle inside a square area in the center of that.

My approach to the sketch was to modify the center area to include the circle but to use a raised label tag that had curved elements. For the inside view I put the embellishments on the same diagonal as the front.

My approach to the pleating was to use it for an embellishment. The lavendar cardstock tag was stamped with the happy birthdays and then back side was scored on 1/4" increments for the pleats.

PW/HOTP products include: all the swirl patterned papers, purple crytal jewel sticker embellishments, vintage butterfly brads, all silver dazzles, the purple print label paper, foam square adhesives, and basic white card.

cardmaking challenges= shape card with distressing and bleaching

Okay! I'm excited with the overall look of this baby duck card (has a short easel on back to help it to stand upright). I used sand paper to distress the outside edges and then used it again in zig-zagging motions over the duck's body area (not the bill). Then I pounced on many colors of ink from red-orange, light yellow-orange, 2 different shades of yellow, and light pink.

For the bleaching (1x) I used an unconventional method because I didn't want any disaster spills: I used teeth whitening strips. I took 2 different size foam hearts and pressed them down on the cardstock. Overnight drying (and maybe not enough bleach) by morning, I could hardly tell where I had bleached. So after scanning, I went and poured some teeth whitening rinse into the cap and used a cotton swab to go over the shapes. I re-scanned while the cardstock was not completely dry. It will be interesting to send by the time I getting this ready to mail, if it will have faded again.

And for a shape card, who couldn't love an image that makes us think of rubber duckies?!!! Sadly the only PW purchased product I used was the yellow flower embellishment which I thought could look like some feathers. The PW mb guest host challenges were to use a shape card, to use distressing, and to use bleaching.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd post for today: multi-tasking to meet 2 challenges and 2 needs

Okay--on both sides of my family there have been several babies born recently, so the 2 needs are for 2 of those babies. The 2 challenges are: Paper Wishes' message board had a guest host challenge several weeks back to do shape card(s) so doing these baby blocks congrats cards will fulfill that. (PW or HOTP products include the patterned papers used for the small cut-outs shapes and square shape-inside- on each card, pewter button brad for boy card, 7 Gypsies word clips, and the hot pink and pale pink crystal jewel stickers used on girl card.)

The other challenge is Moxie Fab World blog Tuesday Trigger challenge deadline in a few minutes. I'll come back in and try to post the inspiration photo. (colors pink and blue; loops/swirls; glitter-royalty)

card-making topic: masculine birthday card

I'm so excited with how this card turned out--outside and inside! The Moxie Fab World blog Tuesday Trigger this week showed a photo (two slim pieces of cake with frosting done in loops and pennat flags reading "Let's eat cake!"). I had this in mind while putting the card together. I got some circles and a lasso put not quite the loops and no room to do any kind of pennat.

The card is for a friend who was born and reared in Texas, so I wanted to honor the roots for this good ole boy.

Card cover and inside cardstock have three layers of ink: yellow-orange, beige, and brown. Dark orange and orange with white circle papers are Colorbok. Decorative scissors aren't quite a traditional zig-zag but this pair reminded me of barbed wire points. Basic white card from Paper Wishes. Jute twine was purchased at a local hardware store. The horse and horseshoe photos are Pebbles Inc's P Real Life Snapshots Cardstock Stickers. The inside sentiment was typed in Algerian font. A few other supplies were from 'my stash'.

Like I started in this post, I'm thrilled with how this card looks!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

card-making topic: creating a birthday card with supplies from many vendors

Post #3 for the day: This will be a super quick posting/listing. From CardMaker Kit Club: most of the patterned papers, birthday wishes tag, and the 4 little flower punch-outs. Purchased from Hobby Lobby: Making Memories butterfly chipboard border (blue and green flowers); Colorbok patterned paper (used inside behind 'happy birthday'; red-orange and yellow) and Colorbok sweet blooms glitter stickers (blue and green used on cover); and Jolee's All That Bling crystal jewel stickers (total of 4 blue and 1 green). Purchased through Paper Wishes: HOTP mini brown brad. Used Cricut to cut fancy label tag (inside) from gray cardstock.

From my stash: happy birthday wooden stamp, blue ink stamp pad, adhesives,....

card-making topic: circle card swap continues 2nd post

2nd posting: I received these separate cards this morning and quickly added what I could and re-sent them out in today's mail. The card shown will have 1 more destination and crafter before it returns to its creator, Rhonda.

Rhonda started with the pre-printed card base with the flower shape opening. Connie added the vellum with the stamped "wish"-es, the faux stitching around the flower opening, and the ribbon on the inside (not shown). Jen added all the pink pearl embellishments.

I added the 3-layered patterned papers (all from HOTP) to the inside. (That will leave Pat to decide what she wants to add: a flower embellishment, a sentiment to the inside, both,....)

card-making topic= circle card swap continues

Post 1: The card photos posted show what was started by 2 other crafters from my group from Paper Wishes message board. The creamy yellow card base, opening, father embellishment, and background plaid paper was started by Connie. Jen added the rows of gold dazzle border stickers to the cover.

Then I added the multi-layer 'world' tag embellishment to the front (Cricut cut fancy labels: gray cardstock and HOTP blue/yellow patterned paper; Tonic Studio scalloped circle punch: HOTP blue/yellow plaid paper; HOTP jumbo brad; world sticker). On the inside, I repeated the HOTP blue/yellow patterned paper to the bottom half and added the PW purchased Mrs. Grossman's gold border sticker.

The card has 2 more destinations and crafters before it makes its way back to Connie.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

card making topic: inspired by last week's MFW blog's Tuesday Trigger

Oh, all right! I'm accused of being late all the time and this time they are correct because it wasn't until early hours this morning that I saw the May 15 deadline "skirting the issue" photo inspiration trigger.

So I went ahead and created 2 cards that will be donated to Operation Write Home. One card has softer, daintier sun-kissed colors and the other is bolder, more dramatic.

The softer version's papers are from Hot Off The Press purchased through Paper Wishes and the clear acrylic stamps used were from Studio G. The bolder version has one paper (checked) from CardMaker Kit and the other 3/2 papers I think are both from DCWV.

Both have outside inked edges and also on the sunburst embellishments.

I'm excited with how my interpretations turned out!

Here's the inspiration photo:

card making topic: quick cards to make by embellishing pre printed

Quick post this morning to show a different style of pre-printed notecard that was used vertically and horizontally:

Monday, May 16, 2011

card-making topic: embellishing pre printed note cards

To save time because I've got to get a workshop presentation ready and had a funeral yesterday for a relative, the sympathy cards would need to be quickly made, hence using pre-printed notecards.

Here are the 2 coordinated styles from Hallmark and 3 finished inside and out (stacked for one printer scan each):

So far, my favorite cover has the button brad medallion and favorite inside has the blue heart with brown medallion paper circle on the green cardstock. (pewter button brad=HOTP/PW; crystal jewels=EKSuccess; brown medallion circle=CardMaker Mag. Kit Club; )

Saturday, May 14, 2011

card-making topic: embellishing a pre printed birthday card

My second post for the day will be short and sweet. Last night, I took a pre-printed happy birthday card from Hot Off the Press (purchased through Paper Wishes) and added to it.

The card has so many different colors in the printed fonts that I decided to use purple and blue. I used an old stencil pattern to get the shell-scalloped pieces for the cover and inside; outlined with purple marker; cut small sections of satin ribbon and stapled; added crystal jewels (from PW); added celebrations tag embellishment for cover; and added computer word processor typed sentiment phrase that I used decorative scissors and inked edges for the inside. What I like best probably is how I mimicked the direction and layout of the inside paper like the cover one.

card-making: participating in a circle 'trade' swap

For the month of May I am not participating in the regular monthly card swap through Paper Wishes message board but I am taking part in a circle swap. In my group there are 5 crafters (one in Canada and 4 scattered over the US) and we each start a card. There is no set pre-determined limit or restrictions on how much (or what we do) for each 'stage' except the majority of what is used needs to be Paper Wishes/HOTP purchased items.

Pictured will be the card I started and mailed out (orange/peach/yellow) last weekend. Then about 4 days later or 2 days ago, I received a card started by the person ahead of me on our "list". So she did step 1 and I got to do step 2 (3 purple card photos). [I decided that since there were 3 others after me, they could do labels/sentiment/embellishments. I did the start of a focal piece for front w/ 2 complementary papers and then repeated one of those papers to the inside.]

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I should be receiving 3 more cards to add something(s) to. And within 2-3 weeks, I should be receiving my card back all completed.

Someone else will be determining the theme/occasion. I'm assuming mine will be appropriate for a girl or woman since I had a yellow paper rose embellished on the card front. (maybe it will be thinking of you, birthday, or get well...?)

Check back for posts updating on other cards and for what my starter card finishes looking like.

Monday, May 2, 2011

card-making: pocket card for tooth fairy money

I created a small shell-shaped scalloped card with an easy heart-shaped pocket on the inside so it can hold money from the tooth fairy (my husband). We received a phone call about 2 days ago that my niece lost another tooth. She's been wiggling it for about a month!! Since she lives over 2 hours away, I decided to create this quick card to help recognize this developmental step in her growth.