Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

HIMCR 328 challenge

Card #2 using the black and white digital image from "My Besties!"

Hiding in My Craft Room or HIMCR 328 challenge is for November 27-December 2, 2017 which is a week 4, any holiday, based challenge.

The design team was given images from "My Besties" to be the inspiration for this week. 

The image I decided to use for both card 1 and card 2 has been affectionately labeled by me as "Happy Heart". Other supplies I used were:

*adhesives from Glue Dots
*glue stick from Jot
*stencil from Folk Art Decorative Icons stencil set by Plaid
*deco tape from Jot
*gift tags used as embellishments from Christmas House
*neon yellow green card stock (4.5" x 5.5") by Astrobrights from Neenah Paper, Inc.
*butterscotch card stock scrap from Colorbok
*olive green card stock scrap from Colorbok
*stash supplies= pencil, ruler, scissors, markers, colored pencils, stapler, ....

angled view to see part of inside and how some elements were repeated from the front

front panel

inside panel

In person the olive green of her eye just makes the olive green background shape that much stronger and intense. And I like this butterscotch colored card stock to help reflect the gold tones from the gift tags that were used for embellishments (ornaments on front were cut out from a gift tag).

Crafting again in the heartland, Becca S

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


November 27-December 2, 2017 is Week 4 challenge theme of "Any Holiday" and is sponsored by "My Besties! digi and rubber stamps" at Hiding in My Craft Room website. It is HIMCR #328 challenge.

I've used a digital black and white image from "My Besties!" that I've named "Happy Heart".

Happy Heart Sends Winter Wishes HIMCR 328

Happy Heart Sends Winter Wishes:

Supplies besides the digital image include:
a. purple paper = Artist Neon Paper Pad by Grafix
b. blue paper = Artist Neon Paper Pad by Grafix
c. adhesives 1/2" = Glue Dot
d. glue stick = Jot
e. adhesive iridescent gemstones = Horizon Group USA
f. 2 different gift tag parts = Christmas House
g. Folk Art Decorative Icon stencil from set = Plaid
h. 1- 8 1/2 x 11" white 110 weight cardstock = Georgia-Pacific
i. 3" x 3" black cardstock (divided in half) = Colorbok
j. markers
k. colored pencils
l. pencil
m. ruler
n. scissors

Here's the front focal that was completed as the first half of this card creation project:

Then the completed card inside:

 The completed card front:
The snowflake embellishment and winter wishes circle embellishment were from gift tags purchased at Dollar Tree. There were a top layer with a foam sticky already on their backs, so it was easy to gently peel off and transfer them.

When I folded the full size sheet of white cardstock for the base, I did trim off about 1/4" at top and right side/open side to reduce the height and width.

Did you notice from the front to the inside that the purple and blue were reversed?

I really fell in love with this peek-a-boo girl when I saw it and knew that would be the one I wanted to use in this "Any Holiday" Week 4 challenge. I wonder who I will send this to for New Year's Day 2018?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

thankful postcards for 2017

quick post: jumbled lettering fonts to express thanks or on prayer and being blessed


*Bible art journaling stencil set from American Crafts

*heavyweight blank index cards

*colored pencils, skinny tip markers, wide tip markers

*pencil or black ink pen for tracing


The back side of the stencil set is shown for the designs and words. I used a lot of creativity to reimagine, repurpose these to see what I could create with a giving thanks theme. Why did I do this? Why did I give myself such a challenge? 

Back on August 13, we had a house fire. Neither of us was home. I was in the hospital waiting to get discharged the next day and my husband had just arrived on the floor when a neighbor called his cell to let us know that firefighters were kicking in our back door.

We had a 40-43% structural loss with $70-71K in structural & labor estimate and a $19-20K property loss of items.

On August 6, I didn't realize I had a massive blood clot traveling in my body. I thought the "wheezing" was bronchitis, not congestive heart failure or something like it. The blood clot hit my heart and knocked me out for a bit as I was getting out of the car on driver's side. I boomeranged between the car door and body frame giving me massive bruises from each side of head and all the way down to my toes (wearing sandals and landed on gravel driveway). That night and most of the next day, I didn't realize how close to death I had been.

God blessed us with so many miracles of timing and details that still amaze us! He spared our lives!

As I'm trying to recover and we're trying to get housing and insurance matters going, on October 27, my husband suffered a mild heart attack!!! Yes! He's 12-13 years older than me; however back in 1998 at age 48 after we had only been married 2 years and 1 month, he suffered his first heart attack followed by a 5 bypass graft open heart surgery.

This time around he seems more interested to follow cardiologists' advice for rehab and doctor appointments. Diet-wise, he's still struggling with that but with the diabetes and this 2nd major cardiac event, hopefully he will make some long-term improvements for more vegetables in his daily food choices.

Art and craft supplies wise, I lost about $150-200 in the fire and have new purchases at about $25-30 so far since we are living in a rental and we don't want to have to move too much stuff back in with the addition of extra stored items already in garage this past year and with new furniture and electronics that still need to be bought once insurance claim is settled.

Our medical staff for both of us were fabulous! Tip: be positive, happy, and express appreciation and it will help them to return it.

We are blessed. Yes, we have gone through drama and trauma x 3 this autumn but it could be so much worse.