Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

sharing another part of the PWMB Blog Hop day

A card challenged was issued to create a card using PW products plus at least 1 of 2 popular phrases used by owner, Paulette ('make a wish' or 'unwrap the magic').

On each side of this blog entry, please notice the purple and silver happy birthday card that I made in the wee hours of this morning in order to get included before the time deadline.

I'm thrilled with all the details I was able to include in the hour that it took me to create this from start to finish!


  1. Island girl: thanks for checking out my blog. I have your name to send to for the October scrapbook element swap for PWMB. I'm looking forward to 'stretching' my creative talents w/ photo corners. That's something I've not thought about making a creative embellishment.


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