Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Easter bookmarks and Pentecost bookmarks to commemorate and add to worship for a very small congregation

inspiration--clipart image of word Jesus in shape of cross

Easter Sunday commemorative bookmark:
I did several variations of this both in the inking of the printing of the clipart image but also cardstock colors and size of bookmarks. Since Jesus' death was brutal, I thought the cross imagery should also look distressed so that is why I used several colors of ink, but mostly a gold brown to blotch the surface of the paper.

original illustration by me--yes, me

Pentecost Sunday commemorative bookmark:

For Pentecost Sunday, today, June 4, I wanted something similar to the Jesus/cross image, so I made my own Trinity descending dove illustration. I used a heart cut-out and turned it upside down. Remove the point creating a curved line. Marked points for starting & stopping lines for wings and where I would sketch in the head. Then using letter J for Jesus, I drew it in on the left wing/body side as you look at the descending bird and letter G for God the Father was drawn on the right wing/body side. Add in Holy Spirit, Pentecost Sunday 2017 to complete the bookmark. I got 15 made for this morning to give out to our very small congregation and plan on making a few more for some worshippers that come irregularly.

These Pentecost commemorative book markers were a labor of love. Finding a way to use my creative approach to uplift others' spirits is just faith in practice. If you talk the talk, then you better walk it as well!

Next post will be birthday cards made about 8-12 days ago for my sister and niece. Make sure to check out the wedding anniversary cards that I just posted from this weekend, too.

Otherwise, happy crafting!
Loving all things home economics-related, Becca

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