Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

CKCB Feb 2019 BB Kit by March 4 and 5 continue with 4 mixed format pocket pages

One of the monthly posts for Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog is "Killing It" series. I try to avoid using the k word in my speech however despite being creatively busy in February, I did not come anywhere close to slaying my Feb 2019 kit!

This photo shows stacks of papers and cardstocks that are a mix of 12x12s and 8.5x11s along with some partial sheets and sections. Also the scraps bag changed with some old used and some new put into it. There are still lots of sheets buried under the scraps bag! All of this old inventory has been part of my starter kit for 2019 in the 100 Pattern Papers Challenge group in Facebook with this particular folder being my February 2019 CKC blog copy cat compiled kit:

Holly Hocks forgery pocket card LO=

Owl forgery pocket card LO also featuring sunflowers and horses=

Wood veneers were also part of 100 PPC's March 2019 Tic Tac Toe challenge. On this layout to help highlight the sunflowers, I used a flower laser cut colored liked a sunflower and a laser cut leaf colored green...too cute!!!

Plant forgery pocket card LO=

Moth forgery pocket card LO=

100 PPC group on Facebook has a Tic Tac Toe challenge for March 2019. The moth LO is the only one I believe that completes a row (and also a corner); washi/decorative tape, green were on top row and 2nd row had journal (pocket) card, die-cut (the floral tag/label) and arrows (sticky note used for location caption)=

Update photo of remaining Feb. 2019 Bodacious Botanicals (BB) kit after finishing these layouts. There are still lots of sheets buried under these that I need to create more cards and layouts!

whittled...chipped steps
Since this is a photo heavy blog post, I'm going to keep the commentary short. Two groups that I want to mention are 100 Pattern Papers Challenge in Facebook which all the papers and scraps are part of the starter kit compiled in January and CKC blog and their community FB group:

Becca S


  1. Such pretty pages, Becca and lovely die cuts. If I don't finish my kit I keep it together if I have pages or cards I had planned to do. I still have a birthday layout from January and a couple more layouts and a monthly pocket page to do. Then I dismantle the kit is there is anything left over.

    1. Cindy: thanks for taking time to read my post! I had huge hopes at the beginning of the month that I could get lots scrapped and more cards made, but life for us is still a roller coaster. This month looks rocky too! I think I'm going to continue using my FEB kit for at least another week and then reassess at the midway point. I appreciate your support!

  2. You have been busy, but there is still potential there. I hope you enjoy a few more projects from that kit.

    1. Susanne: I appreciate your time taken to visit and read/look at this long post for the 3 additional pocket pages. I started cutting papers last night to make quilt-inspired birthday cards. So I'm slowly whittling away at my sheets!


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