Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Traveler Notebook started to document time spent with best friend

TN layout #1 from June 14, 2018

This 2-page spread qualifies for BOTH the prompt and the sketch part for the March 2019 challenges at TN Time with Lisa and Lori.

Lisa's link:

a. sketch design tweaks: I'm not thrilled with the embellishment cluster area under the photo but the MME Splendor kit planner stickers of month and day help create a subtitle. I also chose to add more subtitles of "lunch" and "pizza" at the bottom of the right page.
b. (1) dark green washi tape is used under the photo of Susie and I together at Monical's restaurant in Bloomington, IL  and (2) more of it is running vertically on the right side; and (3) some minty/sage green micro thin decorative tape is running horizontally on the bottom right side; and (4) there is a tiny piece of a peachy floral washi tape that has a tiny flower planner sticker on it next to the month & day stickers

More snapshots of this travelers notebook entry

Items from my March 2019 CKC kit: bright pink paper, large floral print cardstock, the pink and white patterned paper, the planner stickers (pale pink rose on the outer left side, month and day stickers under the photo, and the tiny flower sticker on the washi tape ribbon tail), and the washi/decorative tapes

Getting started with photos for the next 2 entries ready=

The MME's Splendor kit planner stickers can be seen in the above snapshot. Below are some papers from my March kit (from CKC blog) and a celery green paper I was considering, but didn't use for the 1st entry featured in this post. The butterfly sticky note pad was used earlier this week for a get well card. So pretty. The green and white thin striped cardstock is the reverse side for the large floral seen on the bottom left page up above.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog recent blue skies and butterflies challenge link:

and I will post a snapshot of the completed layout to the Facebook closed group, Travelers Notebook Scrapbookers, that focuses not on the covers but the inside layout entries.

Crafting plans are to do the next 2 snapshots from when we got together in December and this past week. We live about 3 hours or so apart. Since graduating from high school our paths have gone in different directions and timing of life events have varied or haven't occurred for 1 or both. Through it all we do take time to listen and support each other. The parallels in our lives currently has been increasing caregiving of our widowed mothers. She's #3 of 5 kids and I'm #1 of 3 but it just happens to be that each of us are geographically the closest and the key go-to medical contact person for our moms. It's been very important to spend time together, text, email, and call each other as often as we can.

Travelers Notebooks are a variation of scrapbooking and journaling that were intended to showcase a person's trip(s), but I'm using this new one to feature the special times that my best friend and I get together.

Becca S


  1. This is so pretty! I love your color palette Becca! Thanks for joining us at TN Time with Lisa & Lori!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I'm finding the left side a bit of a challenge with the semi-circle portion for the size of a TN page. I'm going to have to brainstorm some other possibilities; maybe scraplift from you or Lori!!! :)

  2. Very pretty and that butterfly - you know I think it's pretty! It's great to see you using your kit! Thanks for sharing with us at CKC and thanks for doing my washi tape challenge at TN Time With Lisa & Lori!


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