Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Early Autumn Splendor mega copy cat kit for CKC blog challenge for September 2018

Early Autumn Splendor Mega Kit

Several days ago, I jump-started my September attempts by having a brainstorm on how to make cute forgery patterned bows. I did a post about getting started with the printing of bow templates and maple leaf printed bows along with making some cute autumn patterned papers from online coloring pages or clip art. My maple leaf bows got assembled this evening and are shown up above. So adorable!

My mega kit for September includes suitable leftovers from my August kit so hopefully I can get them used. Don't know whether to start with the 'newer' additions or with the leftovers but it is a wonderful feeling knowing that supplies are being used.

CKC or Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog has the purpose of using papers, tools, and supplies we have stashed that copy cat (forgery or counterfeiting) a kit that is produced by a company or that another blogger has put together previously. CKC's design team members are known affectionately as Master Forgers. MF Tina picked a kit assembled by Noel Mignon called Apple Crisp Classic Kit. Further in the post will be her photo of that massive kit all layered together.

I have so much that I wanted to include that I have to show multiple photos of my Early Autumn Splendor kit to get it all pictured:

Photo above: left half is old inventory with a mix of full sheets and some scraps; in the center is some glossy printed papers that were a UK based crafting magazine freebie a couple of years ago; some computer paper (3 different sheets); some cute plaid paper; 6 cardstock papers pulled from an old Ki Memories paper pad; 4 sheets from a newer purchase about 9 months ago of Colorbok's Bright Photo Mats collection. Surprise: one of the Ki Memories CS striped paper was used for 1 card today!

Photo above: a mix of solid color cardstock papers from August and some 'newer' inventory pulled for September; and the mix is a mix of full sheets and scrap sections! (Dark purple already used for 2 cards today!!!)

Photo above: this is part one of 'newer' yet old embellishment inventory pulled for September. Note of the yellow and burgundy silk leaves in the center of this pile, 3 got used today for 2 card projects. And some of the burlap ribbon and gold tapes stacked on top of the burlap were used on 1 of 2 cards today!!!

Photo above: this is part two of the 'newer' yet old embellishment inventory that I would like to use this month in my Early Autumn Splendor mega kit.

This photo shows my leftovers from August kit and another blog's challenge in late August leftovers that I believe were good matches to the "Apple Crisp Classic Kit" by Noel Mignon (photo shown below the ID badge for CKCB):

This is Noel Mignon's kit, Apple Crisp Classic, that was selected to inspire paper-crafters to use some of their supply stashes. Some of the elements I tried to focus on: color cues of brown, yellow, green, red, and orange; twine and burlap; wood grains and/or tree rings; leaves; flowers; fruits and veggies; wildlife critters; a few butterflies; some bows; and a few inclusions of black, gray, light blue, and purples to add interest. Noel's has some pops of light baby blues and aqua/seafoam blues that added unexpected flair to her harvest selections.

Stay tuned for the next post featuring my 2nd card made with this kit. Earlier today I posted the 1st card that fit a combo of 3 challenges (two others besides CKCB). Make sure to go back and look at that if you haven't seen it!

Becca S from the heartland


  1. I love the bows you made, super cute; love the patterns colors you used on them... I bet you could just go wild creating so many different styles!
    Your kit looks like you are ready to scrap a whole lot of Fall fun; enjoy!

    1. Yes, Doreen, I'm crafting like crazy but we've got some appointments and errands for the next 2 days, so I'll be having a little craft-vacay. :)

  2. oooh you had me at "mega kit" The bows are adorable and the silk leaves sound beautiful!


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