Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Monday, February 4, 2019

CKC blog Feb 2019 kit Bodacious Botanicals Forgeries Revealed

Yes, bodacious botanicals! And if you saw my kit reveal post earlier today, bafflement is probably your new status as you wonder about the botanicals part of this....

That's why I have made this terrific document page to be cut apart into 4 sections or pocket cards:

Top left: Treasure life's little moments
Top right: It's the little things

Bottom left: Every moment moth-ters (a Becca coined original word!!!)
Bottom right: Enjoy the little things

The message on each section was taken from a list I made from ephemera in the Anthology collection by Kaisercraft, the selected February 2019 inspiration for Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog:

blog's ID badge:

Kaisercraft's collection "Anthology":

Below: another pic of the forgeries with other elements of the kit I've compiled=

I'd printed 2 cardstock sheets and 2 white copy paper sheets, so I just need to decide whether to leave as is or to fill with color or to give a section or sheet some type of artistic treatment like coffee dye or ink smear, etc. Why? Well CKC blog is about either taking old stuff and substitute it if it mirrors something in a vendor's kit that's for sale OR making your own counterfeit/forgery. I didn't easily locate anything in my stockpiles a few days ago that has the aged vintage naturalist 1800s-look so I'm creating my own fakes!!! I LOVE the black and white clip art images I found online along with the script font I picked. Now it just remains for me to fake the aging appearance of these botanicals and zoological entries. 

Remember, this is the reveal. Check back throughout the month of February to see if I follow-through and do some creative processes with these forgeries. It will take special photos and the right coordinating papers next to these pocket cards to made these important!

Becca S from the USA heartland

(cardstocks, papers, scraps are part of my 100 Pattern Paper Challenge stack for 2019; 100 PPC is a Facebook group devoted to the challenge of encouraging group members to USE their crafting stockpiles instead of hoarding!)


  1. love how you have created the forgeries Becca - that's quite some inspiration collection to forge!

    1. Yes, Maxine, Kaisercraft has this fantastic collection ensemble that CKC blog's design team member, a Master Forger, from Australia picked to be February's inspiration. I can't wait to create with my forgeries and kit!!!

  2. Lovely Becca! Can't wait to see how you decide to proceed
    Cindy F

    1. Cindy: I've done an 'aging' look using eye shadow makeup so go to one of the newer posts to find the pics!


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