Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

10 November 2018 rainbow thank you banner tags copy catted into card project

11102018 Rainbow forgery tags used for thank you cards

Seasonal Nature Traveling Sojourn Kit for CKCB November challenge:

Reveal photo showcasing all 3 modern cards=

Card #1 using the zig-zag background paper=

Card #2 using the vibrant floral for the background=

Card #3 using the vibrant tone on tone dot print paper for the background=

Design notes:
a. all three use the same mauve pink square-shaped base
b. all three use the same bold blue cardstock for tag base
c. all three use a rainbow forgery thank you banner image (it's like an optical illusion with the paper design and the stamp design!)
d. all three use a strip of the rainbow forgery Ikat print paper
e. all three use a strip of bright bubble gum pink cardstock
f. all three use star graphic designer border tape (used for newspapers and newsletters before digital technology)
g. all three have star stickers, just in differing amounts, colors, and/or type

Before pics-- 2 of 4 forgeries made a few days ago for this November kit in order to copy cat rainbow embellishments from the Citrus Twist curate kit that is our CKC prompt for the month

From the stamped thank you banner images seen above, 3 were used for this blog posted project.

From the Ikat patterned paper that I added rainbow spectrum to I only cut a 1/2" strip off the long left side and then divided it into 3 different lengths to use for the tags/cards.


Background papers for the cards--I used one section of the zig-zag patterned paper, one of the vibrant floral seen in the bottom right corner in this next pic, and the third card has one section from the tonal red with pink small dot print paper seen under the gold foil on the left pile.


The driving force behind the rainbow embellishments came from the chosen inspirational kit from Citrus Twist called "Little Things" released October 2018 and picked by Master Forger Lisa for CKC blog's November kit to counterfeit:

Is this starting to make sense? In the above photo which is a combination of the papers and embellishments you can see a pastel hued rainbow acrylic embellishment, puffy hearts in a rainbow assortment of hues, tasseled type bows in 4 hues, and tiny puffy style stickers in a variety of colors as well as a star-studded patterned paper in the upper right corner. 

The cards featured in this post have only a token nod to nature with the stars and rainbow coloring and one background floral. I've styled them very modern which seems to clash when you see the some of the other photos. I think the problem is that I should have done more pre-planning of projects before pulling papers from inventory. I've pulled items three different times this week and each time the focus has either been for rainbow, hearts and stars, or for weather/travel (which hasn't been shown yet). At this point I'm not sure if I will take time to edit. I think I'm going to concentrate on getting lots of scrapbook layouts made as well as thank you's and Thanksgiving/harvest season cards made and mailed. Let's keep this creative mojo going!

Becca S


  1. I love them... they have a total 80s vibe and as I child of the 80s I think they are awesome!

    1. You are correct! The cards do look late 80s and early 90s era! In the early 80s I was dressed either preppy or Annie Hall menswear borrowed look (oxford cloth shirt, small silk bow ties, blazers, etc.) By early 90s my wardrobe was almost completely black and white! :)

  2. I am finally getting the hang of what you mean when you talk about CKC Challenge/kits. Love your cards, especially the one with the star (or asterix) tape

    1. Maxine: you should check out Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog!!!

  3. Great cards, the star strips are so cute

    1. These definitely have a late 80s-early 90s vibe, don't they!!!!


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