Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

CKC blog January 2019 reveal of my copy cat version

Love is reaching new heights

Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog's January 2019 selected kit to motivate us to give our stashes and stockpiles an inspirational overhaul (or maybe just a little purging) is "Hannah" from Felicity Jane. Photos will be posted further down in the post. 

The elements that I chose from FJ's "Hannah" are the following:
a. muted rose hues
b. muted sage green hues
c. grays
d. ivory and yellows
e. black
f. some wood grains
g. script/text
h. scallops/fish scale patterns
i. diagonal lines
j. instead of bicycle images or patterns, I'm replacing with hot air balloons...

Hence, the title I'm designating for my copy cat kit--Love is reaching new heights! Most of my pre-planning at this point centers around showcasing our love story. My husband and I will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary this month and we've already started trying to have 23 dates within a 23-mile radius of our home before our 23rd anniversary on January 27th. As of today, January 5th, we've had 4 dates! Nothing fancy. Either lunch or dinner out somewhere local. Part of the psychological and emotional reasons behind this are due to my husband being widowed previously between year 23 and 24. From the get-go, he just never thought we would be married the same number of years! About 4 years ago, his attitude started shifting when he realized we were getting closer to the 'mark'. I felt it was extremely important for us to place extra emphasis, attention, and time into celebrating #23. 

(about my kit's papers and embellishments) Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ordered a mystery box from Peachy Cheap website that boasted of products worth $149 for the sale price of $29 (?)...sorry I've forgotten and I'm not going to take time to look it up! But it's been fabulous!!! Most of this January kit is pulled from this. The mystery box included a thick stack of 12" square scrapbook papers from "The Mind's Eye" and I think most are dated from 2013. Even though they are older designs, they are new to me. I could hoard these pretty papers or put them to use right away!?!?!!!!

Row 1: 4 of the patterned papers are from The Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby). The large scrap gray floral print paper is very old and I used in December for 2 sections of a pocket page layout. The black with white dots might be The Paper Studio...not sure. These papers I've had in my stockpile.

Row 2: From my very recent mystery box purchase: 7 double-sided papers showing Side As

On the left are some "My Mind's Eye" scraps from the mystery box purchase that I used in December; other 'new' products from makers like Studio Calico, Heidi Swapp, Vicki Boutin, Maggie Holmes, Carpe Diem, and some old/other decorative tapes, cording, and gem dots from my stockpile.

Row 1 is the same papers seen in the first photo.
Row 2's papers are the Side Bs, which give some great options and mimics to the FJ kit.

New to me alphas from Heidi Swapp that were part of the mystery box purchased from Peachy Cheap website. It will be fun to use these and maybe even mix the font styles for a layout or two!

So, now, how does my "Love is reaching new heights" kit compare to the selected featured kit picked by Master Forger Susan of CKC blog?

"Hannah" October 2018 kit available from Felicity Jane collage photo. See more photos posted at CKC blog on January 1st, 2nd, and 4th. The 1st was the reveal and a terrific blog hop to see what the Master Forgers have found in their own craft stockpiles plus the talented January Guest Designer Meagan Johnson's copy cats. The 2nd's post is "Just the Gist" to help explain what CKC is all about and some suggestions are how to mimic or copy cat the featured kit from Felicity Jane (FJ). The 4th's post is a fun one that shows how a couple of the MFs select one or more items from the original kit to forge or copy cat (Forgery on the Fourth). I haven't thought that far ahead. Hmm?!?!!! I wonder what I could do?!?!!!

Check back periodically throughout January to see how I use my kit "Love is reaching new heights". I hope to document our crazy, sort of romantic, brilliant anniversary celebrations.

Becca S


  1. Oh!! Mystery boxes sound so so fun!! Your kit is great. Can’t wait to see your pages.

    1. The mystery box from Peachy Cheap was such a great deal and each time I delve into it, I feel like I'm discovering something else new. It had so much awesome stuff. I'm excited to use my January kit!

  2. You have created a fun kit to work with! So many great choices and I look forward to seeing your creations from your kit!

    1. Lori: the 2-sided papers are going to help tremendously make the kit seem larger than it is. For me, this is a small kit! :)

  3. I like that you divided and conquered your mystery box right away. That kit looks to have tons of potential to me. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Susanne!! I've been having some pre-planning ideas already percolating!!!!

  4. What an important anniversary for you and your husband, Becca. Love the challenge that you have given yourselves. These times are very special, treasure your man!! We made 43 years before DH went to Glory.
    I think your forged kit is wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Maxine, for your words of encouragement on my wedding anniversary celebrations and the reveal of my copy cat kit for CKC blog!

  5. Another awesome kit, Becca! Love all the bits and pieces you've added.
    Cindy F


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