Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

CKC blog LIRNH kit layouts three side A and four side B for anniv date three

Tied together...for almost 23 years... in 12 more 10 today but this is about date #3

Above: pics for the first half of date #3 on January 3, 2019 using LIRNH kit made for the CKC blog January 2019 copy-cats

Below: photo shows the progress in making 2 forgeries for this month= (left) color spot paper using a stencil to get different sizes of circles with crayons to add the color; 2 circles that I had used pale pink on were washed-out in the photo so before I used it in the pocket page, I added red-orange over the top of the pale pink; journaling notes were added around most of the circles later on as I worked on side 2. (right) a woodgrain heart will emerge and will be used for layout five documenting date #4 that I'm still working on.

Below: the CKC image prompts from FJ's "Hannah" kit had large script cards/papers plus had separate paper with large dots/spots, so I decided to combine them to finish my first forgery add-in for my LIRNH kit! I loved how it turned out and how the other sections help support the colors of the forgery paper-turned-journaling card!!!

Below: 2 close-up pics to show the journaling notes

Note: those that have followed my posts this month should notice that the scrapbook stickers were added-in for this kit. I didn't pull hardly any embellishments when I did the papers. A few decorative tapes, enamel dots, a few bits and pieces plus some cording, so I was needing variety and something different to add some pizzazz to these pockets without wiping out the photos.

Above: this is the ID badge for CKC and a link for newest post:

Below: is one of the images shared on the CKC blog post at the start of January for it's motivational prompt in what we copy-cat through our stockpiles and created forgeries= Felicity Jane's "Hannah"

Below: this photo was 1 of my kit photos and shows the black lettering stick-ons by Heidi Swapp that I used for the largest section of side A/one shown earlier in this post

Some design notes from Date #3 sides A and B:
a. techniques included but not limited to: matting for photos; layering; hand-written journaling/captions; stickers; fake stitched lines around the foam heart; hole-punching to add cording to get 'tied together';...
b. decorative tape borders for 1 section of side A
c. kit forgery item= color spot card/on white CS
d. motivational kit elements copy-catted: large circles, use of black, brown, and white, script, scallop/fish scale patterning, ….

I absolutely LOVE how both sides/layouts for this mixed formatted pocket page turned out!!! And I LOVE how easily the double-sided CS from My Mind's Eye that made up the bulk of my LIRNH kit had come together...sort of like when I met my hubs and married him 7 months and 1 week later!!!!

Becca S


  1. Beautiful pages, Becca. This will be an awesome album when you are done

    1. Thanks, Cindy! That's what I'm hoping. I showed my sister-in-law this morning what I've got completed so far and she was impressed; thought it was a very special thing to do.

  2. What a lovely page made using your kit Becca, and great creativity with the journaling card!

    1. Maxine, I appreciate your feedback! It's been fun creating each pocket!

  3. Well done with that journaling card! Circles are definitely a favorite shape of mine and I like your touch of adding text around them.


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