Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

TN Time challenge no 1 doing both sketch and prompt 01212019

Trying another paper-crafting challenge! This time through a joint venture for the blogs of Lisa and Lori. TN is code for Travelers Notebook. You can also do bullet journal or planner.

Mine is experimental using ringed index cards I bought in 2018 and hadn't used yet (I've got lots of them in different sizes!!!!) I've been wanting to do something either in a book journal or my Bible art journal for my chosen Bible Word of the Year or WOY. I decided tonight to use the index cards and try to proportion the sketch to fit. I think it worked:

HOPE entry one: Hebrew 11: 1

Design notes for altering sketch:
a. ribbon in top left corner was angled instead of 'forked'
b. embellishments were kept to same size with the gem stickers
c. date and verse were cut into 3 pieces not 7
d. photo/journal card was compacted due to space and to make as a focal piece with the 2019 Word of Year= HOPE

Above: Lisa's 1st sketch for the 1st TN Time with Lisa & Lori challenge (monthly)
Lisa's link at her blog "My Creative Endeavor":

Below: Lori's badge for this challenge with prompt to use 3 or more patterned papers (I've used 4: navy blue dot on ivory; white dot on lavender; red and lavender diagonal stripes on purple; pink dot on red)

Lori's link at her blog "My Happy Life":

below: how the layout is changed due to how it's attached to the binder ring but the cohesiveness of the colors and papers keeps it unified

From start to finish, this took about 45 minutes; photographing, downloading, and blogging is adding another 45 minutes or so...but I enjoyed this more than the TV options at 9 pm...just saying.

I HOPE Lisa and Lori have marvelous success with this new paper-crafting venture they've decided to start.

P.S.: shout out to 100 Pattern Papers Challenge group on Facebook because all these papers including the background purple cardstock are all over 1 year old!!! Even though I just used small amounts, I'm making a tiny dent in my stashes!!! 

From the USA heartland, Becca S


  1. Love your colour choices for this work Becca - on of my favourites :). My word this year is Health - Spirit, soul and body, given quite unexpectedly one morning when out walking

    1. Maxine: May God bless your spiritual/soul health and physical health for this year and many more! With the trials my hubby and I have experienced in the past 18 months we appreciate each day God gives us and have HOPE of eternity. Purples and pinks are my favorite colors too so I just had to use them for this personal journal record!

  2. Becca - this looks great! The colors you have chosen are beautiful and way to go using up some old stash. I love that you are using what you have. I am thinking about making my own TN to work in, too. I will, of course, continue with the one that I have started -especially for my "52 Favorites" but I think I am going to try a ringed option, too. Thank you so much for playing along with our first challenge!

    1. Thanks, Lori, for stopping by! I'm glad I was able to do this to support your new venture. It's also a great way to keep my spiritual health/walk renewed; a win-win for me to do my crafting, too!

  3. LOVE it Becca!! Love how you made the sketch your own and used up some stash in the process! I enjoyed seeing the format you are using, very creative!! Thanks for joining us for our first challenge at TN Time with Lisa and Lori!!

    1. Lisa: thank you for your feedback! I'm glad to be able to support your new crafting venture and have this new format for my Bible tracking/support for keeping my chosen Word of the Year evident throughout the months.

  4. Great start to your journal. I hope you continue to make additions to your TN.


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