Paper crafting is works of heart

Paper crafting is works of heart!

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Circle It Themed Artist Trading Coins for a swap

 Welcome to Becca's Heart for Creativity blog! My creative mojo had a bit of a speed bump for a group April 2022 event. For the Love of Cards group in Facebook is a private group that still has a few membership spots available. The 2 admin moderators want to keep the group limited to 25 members because of swapping our projects. 

I joined in late January when the group was called Card Crafting Club. About 8 weeks ago, the CCC owner/administrator decided to stop the group. So 2 active members agreed to continue under a new name. 10-13 events are offered each month and you can make greeting cards for a few events or ATCs for most of the events. For April 2022, I signed up for 3 of the 10: black and white, circle it, and finger painting. Each of these will get their own posting.

Today's focus is "Circle It". Since we were only to do circles I switched the ATC baseball card size to a 3" diameter coin, also known as an ATC. 

For the three that I made (2 will go to my swapee and 1 will be kept to send to a relative or friend), I used a small combination of embellishments and some kind of marker/glue/paint.

Red glitter glue dots are adding extra geometric patterning on this Artist Trading Coin. The jumbo red circle sticker has been in my stash forevermore! and the light sandy color base is recycled packaging!

I didn't notice that 1 of the snowflake stickers shifted and covered a gem dot when I placed this face down on the printer scanning glass plate. sigh....light green glitter paint pen dots are creating the border design for the snowflake Artist Trading Coin=

The 'don't forget' Artist Trading Coin focal sticker started as a jumbo speech bubble odd shape that I just trimmed off the triangular point part! For the outer edge border, there are groupings of red glitter paint pen and light green glitter paint pen dots and red gem dots onto light gray cardstock 'coin'.

This blog posting will be published when the group swapee has shown that they have received her 2 ATCs in the FB group site. EDIT= It took almost 3 weeks for her to receive it from Illinois to Florida!! Crazy! She just got them on today, Cinco de mayo! Yesterday I got my May event ATCs made and have to get those mailed now! Hopefully they don't take 3 weeks!

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  1. A great collection of ATC Coins Becca - love the snowflake on in particular :)

  2. Thanks, dear!! I'm glad to have found the blog!

  3. Very nice what you have made! Glad you joined Mixed Media Lovers!
    Marlies, DT

  4. One word. BEAUTIFULL. Thanks for joining the challenge of Mixed Media Lovers. Greetings Helma DT


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